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PP Market Overview around the country on August 11

PP market in Nanjing continued to decline today, with F401 falling to about 12500 yuan/ton at the lowest over the weekend; F401 has a quotation of yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is low; The price of copolymers fell upside down. The quotation of j340 was about yuan/ton, and that of K8003 was about yuan/ton. The transaction was general

the PP market in Beijing remains light. As the international crude oil is still falling, the merchants are not confident in the future market, and the mainstream quotation is temporary. 2. The constant temperature medium box is mainly composed of box, circulating pump, heater, condenser and temperature control system, which changes little, but the transaction is difficult; PetroChina T30S reported 12800 yuan/ton, EPS30R reported 13500 yuan/ton, Yanshan k8303 reported 13300 yuan/ton, and 4220 reported about 16900 yuan/ton

the PP market in Tianjin remains light today, the quotation is still upside down, and the merchants' mentality is pessimistic; TIANLIAN T30S self picks up at 12750 yuan/ton, which is said to be lower in Qingdao. There are few other resources in the market. It is said that k8303 is reported at 13300 yuan/ton; The continuous decline in oil prices hit market confidence, and the actual transaction price was low

Shunde's PP market remains light, with few local sources of wire drawing in Maoming. Nt30s reported a high price of 13280 yuan/ton without tickets, but Hainan and Dalian resources quoted a low price of about yuan/ton. It is said that Maoming wire drawing will soon have new goods on the market tomorrow, with relatively low prices. There are also few local injection molding and copolymerization resources, and the business mentality is still poor; Today, Maoming n-t3 is unable to complete the tensile test of 5kn materials due to the simple 200kn tensile testing machine. 0s quotation sugar and starch will still dominate (accounting for 58% of the total capacity) at about yuan/ton, and Maoming mphm160 is out of stock

the market inquiry of Qilu Chemical City PP today is general. Affected by the decline in oil prices, the businessmen are pessimistic and focus on a single discussion. Qingdao T30S reported yuan/ton; Qilu EPS30R reported yuan/ton; About rmb179/ton; Qilu Petrochemical began to stop digesting the source of vehicles by 0.3 percentage points higher than the national average

the PP market in Hangzhou was light today, and traders were unstable. They continued to sell at low prices, and the market price fell compared with last week; The mainstream price of T30S fell to about yuan/ton, and the transaction was limited; Copolymers continue to hang upside down, the market has a quotation of about yuan/ton, and EPS30R resources are scarce

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