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On December 18, PP market overview of various regions

Shantou PP market has few sources of goods. Today, Fulian does not release goods, and the local market quotation is further higher. At present, Fulian T30S has no ticket price of 7300 yuan, and quality is also increasingly valued/ton. South Korea h5300 has no ticket price of 7300 yuan, the fourth largest category of emerging new basic materials, temperature preserving plastic building materials, yuan/ton, shell 500N has no ticket price of 7080 yuan/ton, and Hainan v30g has no ticket price of 7150 yuan/ton. The transaction is still light, and the merchants will wait and see for the time being

Shunde PP market atmosphere is light, there are not many business resources, and the quotation is temporarily stable, but the demand has weakened, and businesses lack confidence in the future market. At present, Maoming n-t30s has no ticket quotation of 7200 yuan/ton, and Secco S1003 has merchants with tickets of 7500 yuan/ton. The quotation of injection molding and copolymerization is stable. Maoming M160 offers 7300 yuan/ton without tickets, and Guangzhou cjs700 offers about yuan/ton without tickets. Maoming copolymerization EPC30R-H has no ticket quotation of yuan/ton

the PP market atmosphere in Tianjin is flat, but there are not many middlemen, and the quotation is stable. Even considering the $% $7 maximum energy-saving effect brought by the setting of accumulator, we still lack confidence in the future market. At present, the quotation of local T30S is about 7200 yuan/ton, the quotation of Yanshan k8303 is 8000 yuan/ton, and the price of EPS30R is slightly lower, at 7500 yuan/ton

the PP market quotation in Hangzhou is stable and the transaction is acceptable; Shaoxing/Zhenhai T30S mainstream quotation is about 7500 yuan/ton, Yangzi F401 quotation is yuan/ton, and Secco S1003 quotation is yuan/ton; Copolymer j340 is quoted at about 7500 yuan/ton, K8003 resources are not much, and m180r is quoted at about 7500 yuan/ton

the atmosphere in Linyi PP market today is light, but there are not many local spot resources, and the quotation of merchants remains stable. At present, the trading is deadlocked, mainly on the sidelines. The local T30S reported about 7000 yuan/ton without tickets, and there are not many EPS30R resources

the quotation of PP market around Yanshan is stable, and the transaction atmosphere tends to be flat. Merchants wait and see for a while, and begin to feel bearish. At present, local T30S is quoted at RMB/ton, J501 is quoted at 7200 yuan/ton, v30g is quoted at 7400 yuan/ton, k7726 is not in stock, k8303 is quoted at 8000 yuan/ton, and 4220 is quoted at 8200 yuan/ton

the PP market in Guangzhou remains flat, the inquiry from the buyer has significantly weakened, and there are few sources of mutual integration of merchants' new material technology and nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technology. It is reported to be stable for the time being. At present, the quotation in the T30S market in Dalian is about 7600 yuan/ton, and the quotation in Lanzhou T30S is 7450 yuan/ton; The quotation of v30g is 7500 yuan/ton; The quotation of EPS30R is 7350 yuan/ton, and the quotation of EPC30R-H is 7500 yuan/ton

the PP market in Nanjing has little fluctuation, there are not many resources, and the quotation of traders is strong; The mainstream quotation of F401 is yuan/ton, and the quotation of T30S is yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is slightly lower; At present, Yangzi Petrochemical turns to wire drawing and film materials, and there are few resources of copolymers. Some j340 are quoted at RMB/ton, and K8003 is quoted at about RMB 7500/ton

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