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On August 1, PP Market Overview everywhere

the PP market in Shantou continued to decline, the market mentality was bleak, and merchants were seriously bearish; At present, Dalian T30S is delivered at 13420 yuan/ton without tickets, Lanzhou T30S is delivered at 13370 yuan/ton, and Fulian T30S is delivered at 13700 yuan/ton due to the shortage of goods. Therefore, the environment of the production workshop is often noisy

today, Sinopec Shanghai company issued the original price listing policy, and the low price of PP market in Hangzhou still fell slightly, with traders shipping mainly. Today, the mainstream quotation of T30S is about yuan/ton, and the copolymer market continues to fall upside down, with limited transactions. The quotation of j340 is about 14000 yuan/ton, and EPS30R resources are scarce. Business mentality is still not optimistic

Shunde PP market remained weak. Sinopec was listed at the original price, but the price merchants did not think so. They continued to be bearish. At present, there is no ticket report for makeup nt30s spot. Today, the quotation of Maoming n-t30s is 13650 yuan/ton, Maoming mphm160 is 14000 yuan/ton, Hainan v30g is 14000 yuan/ton, Guangzhou cjs700 is 14100 yuan/ton, Hainan Z30S is 14000 yuan/ton, Maoming EPC30R-H is 14300 yuan/ton, Maoming ept30r is 14300 yuan/ton, and Guangzhou j641 is 14500 yuan/ton

the quotation of PP in North China today is still very few. Sinopec Beijing did not issue the price yesterday. Today, it is rumored that Sinopec may be listed, but the final result has not been issued; It is said that the inversion phenomenon is serious in the actual transaction, and T30S has reported 14000 yuan/ton or even lower

the PP market in Xiamen continues to weaken and fall. At present, the mainstream of local Fulian T30S is 14400 yuan/ton, and the quotation of Dalian T30S is lower, with the mainstream at 14300 yuan/ton; Local downstream demand is light, and businesses continue to be bearish, so it is still difficult to ship at present

the PP market in Shanghai is low and volatile, and Petrochemical has issued the listing policy, so it is difficult for trade to quote. At present, the mainstream quotation of PetroChina T30S is about yuan/ton, and some Zhenhai T30S are about 13800 yuan/ton; The resources of copolymer EPS30R are scarce, and the quotation is not much. Shanghai Petrochemical m180r is about 14500 yuan/ton; The quotation of PetroChina injection plastic is about 14000 yuan/ton. Buying continued to wait and see

the quotation of PP in Taizhou is still weak today. Traders ship with them, and basically sell and bill now. The latest quotation today: the quotation of Zhenhai wire drawing T30S is about yuan/ton; The wire drawing materials of Daqing and Hunan Changsheng are in yuan/ton; Dalian v30s goods are understated by about 14100 yuan/ton, and there are not many sources of injection molding and Z30S goods. The overall transaction is not good

the price of PP market in Tianjin is declining today. Affected by the price reduction of petrochemicals, most of the quotations are upside down. The downstream demand is still light like bullets, and there are few goods received. Reference quotation today: the quotation of Daqing T30S is about 14000 yuan/ton; The quotation of TIANLIAN T30S is 14000 yuan/ton; The copolymerization quotation is 14450 yuan/ton. There are few transactions

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