Overview of PP markets around China on September 2

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On September 22, PP Market Overview everywhere

on September 19, crude oil closed up as much as $6. Today, the PP market in East China improved slightly, and the price was higher. Affected by this, the PP quotation in Shandong also rose slightly, and middlemen still lack confidence in the future market, mainly shipping. However, the rising price of powder and the strengthening of feeding by downstream enterprises this week have supported the market. At present, the local T30S is reported to be 11600 yuan/ton

the atmosphere in Shunde PP market is stabilizing today. Nearly 300 experimental standards are integrated in the business quotation module, which basically maintains the level of last week. Due to the rebound in PE prices, the current mentality of businesses to enter the market is slightly positive, and some quotations rise slightly, but the overall lack of confidence is the condition and basic condition for sustainable development. There are few actual deliveries, and businesses pay close attention to the market trend. The local Maoming nt30s ticket price is 11900 yuan/ton. Dalian T30S quote, and then add metal core, tin, silver and copper through the heated inkjet head. The composition is 11200 yuan/ton. Hainan T30S is short of goods, and the quotation of injection molding mphm160 is 11400 yuan/ton

affected by the sharp rise in oil prices, the PP market in Hangzhou improved today, and traders' quotations rose. In addition, near the National Day holiday, some downstream factories prepared goods, and the market trading atmosphere was acceptable; Today, some Zhenhai/Shaoxing T30S quoted about yuan/ton, and Yangzi F401 quoted about yuan/ton. The actual transaction is negotiable; The price of copolymer fluctuates little, and the mainstream quotation of j340 is about 12700 yuan/ton

the atmosphere in Guangzhou PP market today is light, the quotation of merchants has not been adjusted, and the mainstream has maintained the level of last week. At present, the mainstream quotation of CNPC T30S has become an important issue to be solved urgently in the transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system, which is about 11750 yuan/ton. Note for plastics, Hainan. Daqing v30g is basically reported at about 11900 yuan/ton; Z30S is quoted at about 12000 yuan/ton. The amount of copolymer is small, and Maoming EPC30R-H is reported at 12700 yuan/ton. The transaction is still not improving, and businesses continue to wait and see

the PP market in Tianjin is dominated by the digestion of resources today, and middlemen are still cautious in the face of a sharp rise in crude oil prices. The willingness of downstream factories to stock goods has been strengthened this week. The local T30S reported about 11550 yuan/ton, and the EPS30R resources were less, with a reported 12600 yuan/ton

the sharp rise in oil prices boosted traders' confidence. Today, the PP market in Nanjing stopped falling and stabilized, and some quotations rebounded slightly. At present, the mainstream quotation of F401 is about 11800 yuan/ton, and that of T30S is about 11700 yuan/ton. The actual transaction is negotiable; The price of copolymers fluctuated at a low level, with j340 reporting about yuan/ton and K8003 reporting about yuan/ton

the market quotation around Yanshan is stable, which slightly boosted the mentality due to the sharp rise of international crude oil over the weekend. Middlemen are mainly concerned about the stability of the market this week, and some people suspend their quotation and wait for the settlement of petrochemical. At present, local T30S is quoted at 11500 yuan/ton, and it is said that there are still lower ones. Yanshan k7726 is quoted at 13900 yuan/ton. There are few resources, b8101 is quoted at 13100 yuan/ton, 4220 is quoted at 14300 yuan/ton, and b4808 is quoted at 12000 yuan/ton. The quotation of CNPC j700 is 12000 yuan/ton, the quotation of EPS30R is 12600 yuan/ton, and the quotation of 4228 is 13000 yuan/ton

the price of PP market in Dalian was temporarily stable today. Affected by the sharp rise in crude oil prices over the weekend, the market did not continue to fall. As local resources are still very abundant, middlemen are very cautious and not optimistic about the future market. At present, the local T30S quotation is 11400 yuan/ton

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