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Mabowell: "smart manufacturing" can be seen everywhere

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production efficiency has been improved by 25%, operating costs have been reduced by 25%, and product development cycle has been shortened by 35%. With the help of automation and intelligent transformation, Ningbo mabowell Mobile Co., Ltd. is accelerating towards the "future factory", becoming the "pacesetter" of Ningbo manufacturing industry with high quality but development by the end of 2015

go into maboway 4. When the printing paper roll is used up or the printing handwriting is unclear, replace the printing paper roll or the printing ribbon; "Smart manufacturing" can be seen everywhere in your workshop. In the production of motherboard, the welding quality of devices is the key to determine the quality. At present, the minimum device size is only 0.015 inch long and 0.03 inch wide. Such a small device needs to be accurately welded on the motherboard with an error of no less than 0.25 micron. The assistance of high-precision welding equipment is indispensable

there are six high-precision motherboard production lines in mabwell, and each production line is equipped with six to eight high-precision mounters, which have several "pigtails" left on them. "These 'pigtails' are called Feida, and they are all devices needed for the production of motherboards." Zhou Anxing, from the production department of mcbowell SMT, explained that this Mounter has three "pigtails", which shows that the performance of the motherboard produced by this equipment is not complex at present, and there are not many devices required. There are 12 "pigtails" on that mounter, which shows that the performance of the motherboard produced by this equipment is more complex and requires more devices

if you look carefully, the exhibition will also hold icamem2014 International Conference on advanced materials and engineering materials, 2014 China (Ningbo) automotive Innovative Materials Technology Summit Forum, 2014 China Marine anti-corrosion and antifouling technology development forum, the third international advanced materials and powder metallurgy academic conference, 2014 high-end new military and civil dual-use materials demand utilization exchange, 2014 reinforcement materials and their composite materials development and utilization exchange In 2014, the annual meeting of the instrument functional materials branch of China Instrument and meter industry association, the "new materials class" of Ningbo University and other forum activities can see that 20 "pigtails" interfaces are reserved for the chip mounter. "These reserved interfaces are the key to our efficiency improvement." Zhou Anxing told that when this batch of motherboards was about to be produced, he would insert the "pigtails" needed for the next batch of motherboards into the mounter in advance according to the instructions of the order. In this way, after the last batch of motherboards are produced, the mounter will produce the next batch of motherboards at the first time. Even small batch and customized orders can achieve seamless docking. Don't underestimate this small change. It has doubled the production efficiency of mabwell patches from 2000 yuan in 12 hours to 4000 yuan now

Zhou Anxing told that although he came to mabowell for only more than a year, the rapid changes in the workshop of the enterprise were still beyond his imagination. In the inspection link of patch production, mabwell has fully realized visual inspection. Once there is a defect, the system will automatically alarm and display the defect of the problem motherboard in the form of bitmap, which was unimaginable before. In the past, in order to ensure the comparability of the experimental results of the same product under the environmental experimental conditions specified in the same experimental specification, the staff used a magnifying glass to compare one by one, which was not only time-consuming and labor-consuming, but also prone to errors. Now, not only the efficiency and accuracy have been improved, but also the product quality has been guaranteed

out of the area of motherboard production, the link of mabwell software download has also completed the intelligent transformation. According to staff member Liuhongyu, software download is an indispensable step in production. After the motherboard completes the production links such as printing, pasting, welding and cutting, they will be transported by AGV trolley to the download station for software download

"originally, it was a radish pit, and each station needed staff to operate. Due to the different progress of downloading mainboard software in different batches, the staff often looked at one thing and lost the other, affecting the production efficiency." Liu Hongyu said that now the software download is all replaced by the manipulator. According to the setting, the system will take four mainboards as a group and put them into eight software download areas in batches. As soon as the download is completed, the manipulator will take out the mainboard, put it into the transmission belt and transport it to the next link

Liu Hongyu told that after the automation and intelligent transformation, the number of staff required for software download of each production line was reduced from the original 8 to 1, and the error rate was also significantly reduced

fan Chaoqun, director of the general manager's office of Marvell, told that in recent years, the demand for cost reduction and efficiency increase has become increasingly urgent, and enterprises are sparing no effort to carry out automation and intelligent transformation. From the initial replacement of machines to the gradual realization of intelligent production of the whole production line, mabwell is accelerating towards the "future factory"

"at present, the automation rate of our motherboard production process has exceeded 90%, but in warehousing, transportation, packaging and other links, the degree of automation still needs to be strengthened." Fan Chaoqun admitted that in June this year, with the commissioning of the new plant, the production scale of mabwell will be further expanded. In the next step, mabwell will speed up the exploration of automated and intelligent transformation of warehousing, transportation, packaging and other links, and help enterprises accelerate towards high-quality development

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