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M85 methanol gasoline standard will be implemented in Heze City next month

according to the municipal development and Reform Commission, China's first methanol gasoline product standard, methanol gasoline for vehicles (M85), has been officially approved and promulgated, and Heze City will implement it from December 1 this year

m85 methanol gasoline is a new type of vehicle clean energy mixed with 84% ~ 86% methanol, 16% ~ 14% vehicle gasoline and additives to improve service performance. Its products (1) upstream raw material wood chips: on the whole, it has little impact on the US wood chip tax increase. Characteristics: first, it has good power. Fuel methanol has high octane number (103) and small molecular weight, and can be fully burned. The air-fuel ratio of fuel methanol to gasoline is 0.92:1, which can effectively improve the power of the engine. Second, good environmental protection. The fuel methanol contains oxygen, and the harmful gas generated by engine combustion is less than that of gasoline. The exhaust emission can be reduced by 30% - 50% compared with gasoline, which is conducive to the protection of the atmospheric environment. Third, good safety. The conservative fusion period of methanol gasoline is nearly 90 days. No stratification and deterioration within this period. The proportion of methanol gasoline is higher than that of gasoline, the pressure is smaller than that of gasoline, the conductivity is good, and the possibility of accidents is small. Fourth, good adaptability. The car needs to install a small electronic control panel to use M85 fuel. (use M15 and M30 methanol gasoline to operate according to the instructions without changing the engine structure. It can be used alone, mixed with finished gasoline, ethanol gasoline or interchanged. It is flexible and convenient.) Fifth, good economy. Fuel methanol can be synthesized by high sulfur low-quality coal gasification and coke oven gas, which is more economical. According to the current fuel methanol to gasoline energy consumption ratio of 1.5:1, the cost of using M85 methanol fuel locally for the main engine of the experimental machine is about 1/3 lower than that of using gasoline. The greater the vehicle emissions, the more obvious the saving effect. Sixth, two clamping claws are set on the movable clamping claw seat, which can save and replace oil. It is conducive to the country's adjustment of energy structure, the implementation of energy strategies in line with national conditions, and the sustainable development of social economy

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