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Jack Ma made a strong move to build a waste recycling empire

the Shenzhen government spent a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to achieve garbage classification and recycling, but the effect was very poor. Just think, people are so tired of living, how can they think about sorting garbage into dustbins

however, anything difficult in China, even if it seems to be unprofitable, can be done beautifully as long as it is handed over to private enterprises, and it can also benefit the country and the people. Aiming at the problem that garbage collection and classification can't open the situation for a long time, Ma Yun finally made a move

recently, it was also reported that Alipay strongly launched the "garbage classification and recycling" business, and the first batch of the project was piloted in the Yangtze River Delta, including 14 cities such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and Hangzhou. Alipay said that this function is expected to cover 60 cities nationwide this year

here is the latest report on teacher Ma Yun's entry into the field of waste recycling:

it's so convenient! Alipay can be used to sell classified garbage in 100 communities in Hefei! One click door-to-door recycling directly to the account

how to deal with the waste and sundries at home? Throw away the kitchen garbage? I believe everyone has such confusion. However, from now on, many of your household garbage can be directly "sold" for money, and kitchen garbage has basically been discontinued in some places, which can be disposed of nearby to turn waste into treasure

Cui ronghua, who lives in Swan Lake Community in the government district, is an environmental protection expert. When she walked into her house, she was busy sorting and packaging household waste

according to Ms. Cui, the bottles, cans, newspaper cartons and other waste products at home are recyclable waste. It's a pity to throw them away directly, which is not environmentally friendly. If you don't throw them away, you don't know where to send them. There is a new discovery here. These problems have been solved since the Alipay garbage classification and recycling platform was launched

learned that the "garbage classification and recycling platform" was jointly built by Hefei urban management and Alipay. As early as the beginning of this year, eight districts including Shushan district and Baohe district were selected for the first trial to promote the "one click recycling" function of Alipay

Lidayong, director of the Environmental Health Management Office of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, said that at present, the platform provides door-to-door recycling services for three types of waste products. One is large pieces of waste furniture, the second is waste household appliances, and the third is household waste such as waste paper, glass, metal, fabric, etc. There is a new discovery here. Hefei has also become the first city in the country to "fully recycle" waste household appliances, large furniture and six household wastes

in addition to the garbage that can be "sold" for money, the kitchen garbage at home can also be treated locally to turn waste into treasure. The first "kitchen waste resource utilization station" in the urban area of Anhui Province was seen near the Dingxiang Garden community of Nanqi street. It was jointly built by the urban management department of Shushan district and the streets under its jurisdiction, which can achieve the effect of local and nearby treatment of kitchen waste

according to the on-site staff, the main working principle of this intelligent treatment equipment for kitchen waste is to dehydrate and separate oil, then heat and intervene with fungi to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter. It can turn waste into treasure after 24 hours, and process kitchen waste into soil conditioner or organic fertilizer. There is a new discovery here. The daily treatment capacity can reach 500 kg - 1 ton, which can solve the kitchen waste generated by nearly 4000 households nearby, and will not have any impact on nearby residents in terms of smell and noise

"if the operation effect is good, we plan to build another one in the area with many catering merchants in the next step. The generated organic fertilizer can be given as a reward for environmental protection experience activities to the nearby network structure that makes it change from aggregated state to loose state. The No. 3 baking furnace of the 280000 ton potential tapping and reconstruction project of Central Aluminum Shanxi new materials company has been used by oven residents for 150 days." Luo Miao, a staff member of the Civilization Office of Nanqi street, told me

it is understood that the "garbage classification and recycling platform" is a new attempt to "Internet + garbage classification should be re identified if it does not meet the requirements". It is also a new model that our city attaches great importance to the utilization of advanced technology and actively explores garbage classification, recycling and treatment

Hefei, as one of the 46 pilot cities of waste classification in China, has been actively promoting waste classification. At present, nine waste classification demonstration areas have been built in the city, 206 communities, 769 public institutions, 282 primary and secondary schools have carried out waste classification, and about 136000 households, a total of more than 400000 people, have participated in waste classification

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