The hottest Ma Yun is bald or loses to Shi Yuzhu d

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Ma Yun is bald or loses to Shi Yuzhu due to e-commerce war.

Ma Yun is hot again, this time because of his bald head. Why did such a man of the moment suddenly shave his head? Are you trapped by love? Is it debt entanglement? When it comes to drawing pen pals, they are curious. The most widely rumored is that in the price war between and Suning not long ago, they bet with Shi Yuzhu on the outcome, lost the bet, and shaved their heads as agreed

[Weibo] bald Ma Yun

posted a video showing that on October 13, Ma Yun appeared in the 50th anniversary of his alma mater, Hangzhou Changshou Bridge Primary School, which used special printing materials and other preparation technologies. Standing in front of the then head teacher sun Ganping and English teacher Wang Qiubei, he was as respectful as a primary school student. He also took off his hat, showed his bald head, and reported to the teacher with a smile: look, I have shaved my head recently

on Weibo, people were very happy to forward the incident of Ma Yun shaving his head when the electromechanical operation was pressed. It is said that internal employees took photos a few days ago, but Ma always ordered: 'no disclosure.' The photo is not PS. according to Alibaba insiders, Jack Ma appeared in the office yesterday afternoon, just bald. However, many friends are happy about Ma Yun's bald head. Such Ma Yun is very green

[guess] lost the bet

emotional change? Mu you! Debt entanglement? Also wooden! See through the world of mortals and convert to Buddhism? More wooden! After some exploration, some people revealed that the most likely thing is that Ma Yun and Shi Yuzhu ended up losing the bet because of the price war between and Suning. He cashed in the gentleman's agreement and gave up and shaved his head

youyou Weibo provided evidence that as early as October 1, Shi Yuzhu, chairman and CEO of giant network, posted a Weibo saying: big mouth unkindly denounced: Ma Yun shaved his head. Never tell Alibaba cadres and employees! Yesterday, a friend suddenly realized that Ma Yun's bald head is really related to president Shi! Shi Yuzhu expressed his views on the long free war of e-commerce automatic computing spring that started on August 16 in a microblog at 22:07 on August 15, saying that the E-commerce 'three-year zero gross profit' price war was just a three-week public relations activity. This Weibo received 2955 forwards and 2297 comments, and was praised by friends for Shi Yuzhu's insight

for Ma Yun's shaved head, Peach Blossom Fairy_ K and other people commented that hair can grow no longer, and personality cannot be lost! This is also a bearing of Ma Yun

On October 13, at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Hangzhou Changshou Bridge Primary School, perhaps for fear that the two teachers were worried and spread the news of shaving their heads, Ma Yun was busy explaining the matter to the teacher: there is no such thing, I just have a haircut, but the hairstyle is bald. He didn't expect that a haircut would attract so much attention

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