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Interpreting the 2019 government work report, the lighting industry is most concerned about these six

the two sessions of the National People's Congress are in full swing. At the second session of the 13th National People's Congress, the premier delivered the "government work report" to the Congress. This nearly 20000 word report revealed a lot of trends and information

as the saying goes, only by following the policy can we get the dividend of the spring breeze of the policy. According to the government work report, we have sorted out the following key points closely related to the lighting industry for the reference of insiders

tax reduction and fee reduction

the operating costs of lighting enterprises will be reduced

tax reduction and fee reduction can be described as the biggest highlight in this year's government work report, which is undoubtedly the biggest dividend for lighting enterprises. "The burden of corporate tax and social security contributions was reduced by nearly 2trillion yuan throughout the year." Some media called it "unprecedented strength"

the report on unconventional fixtures for government workers points out: "Inclusive tax reduction and structural tax reduction should be carried out at the same time, focusing on reducing the tax burden of manufacturing and small and micro enterprises. We should deepen the reform of value-added tax, reduce the current 16% tax rate in manufacturing and other industries to 13%, and reduce the current 10% tax rate in transportation, construction and other industries to 9%, so as to ensure that the tax burden of major industries is significantly reduced; maintain the 6% tax rate unchanged, but take supporting measures such as increasing tax deductions for production and living services To ensure that the tax burden of all industries will only be reduced and not increased, and continue to move forward in the direction of promoting three levels of tax rates and two levels, and simplifying the tax system. We will implement the inclusive tax reduction policy for small and micro enterprises introduced at the beginning of the year. "

all kinds of enterprises that recruit rural poor people and urban registered unemployed people for more than half a year will be given quota tax relief within three years. The value-added tax threshold for small-scale taxpayers was increased from 30000 yuan to 100000 yuan per month

in addition, the 2019 government work report also pointed out that these performance indicators have great impact on the analysis and calculation of material mechanics, engineering design Both material selection and new material development play an important role: "This tax reduction, focusing on 'releasing water to raise fish', enhancing the momentum of development and considering fiscal sustainability, is a major measure to reduce the burden on enterprises and stimulate market vitality, an important reform to improve the tax system and optimize the pattern of income distribution, and a major choice for macroeconomic policies to support steady growth, maintain employment, and adjust the structure, which is really exciting.

at the same time, the report also proposed to clean up and standardize all kinds of enterprise related charges, and promote the reduction of electricity And logistics costs. We will deepen the reform of electricity marketization, clear up additional charges for electricity prices, reduce the cost of electricity in manufacturing, and reduce the average electricity price of general industry and Commerce by another 10%; This year, the average broadband tariff of small and medium-sized enterprises will be reduced by another 15%, and the average mobile network traffic tariff will be reduced by more than 20%. The "number carrying transfer" will be implemented throughout the country, and the package settings will be standardized, so that the fee reduction is real and consumers are clear

in short, the government has released a positive signal of "real, non slogan" tax cuts and fee reductions, which is nothing more than a major positive for the lighting industry, which is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises

support private enterprises

help the transformation and upgrading of the industry

the development of private enterprises has always been highly valued by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, especially this year's government work report has sent a series of tangible benefits to private enterprises. In addition to the tax cuts mentioned above, it is also reflected in the following aspects:

strive to alleviate the problem of difficult and expensive financing of enterprises. We will increase targeted RRR reductions for small and medium-sized banks, and all the funds released will be used for private and small and micro enterprise loans. This year, the loans of large state-owned commercial banks to small and micro enterprises will increase by more than 30%

stimulate the vitality of market players and strive to optimize the business environment. We should further reduce the negative list of market access and promote the universal implementation of "entry without prohibition"

make great efforts to optimize the development environment of private economy. We should build a new relationship between government and business, improve the communication mechanism between government and enterprises, stimulate entrepreneurship, and promote the development and upgrading of private economy

reform of engineering projects

simplify procedures and reduce enterprise transaction costs

in the past two years, urban lighting engineering projects have increased year by year. For lighting engineering enterprises, they also encounter many cumbersome "approval" problems. The government report mentioned that the reform of the approval system for engineering construction projects was carried out throughout the country, which greatly shortened the approval time of the whole process

"it is necessary to establish and improve the lifelong accountability mechanism, so that market players can effectively shoulder the responsibility of the first person and ensure the safety of the project."

clarify the schedule of compressing the approval of engineering construction projects: according to the requirements of unified specifications, implement a department led, parallel approval and time limited completion for each approval stage, and implement the systems of notification and commitment, regional assessment, joint drawing review and joint acceptance, so as to realize the "one blue chart" to coordinate the project implementation, "one window" to provide comprehensive services, "one form" to integrate the application materials "A set of mechanisms" to standardize the examination and approval operation; In the first half of the year, the approval time of engineering construction projects will be reduced by half to less than 120 working days

at the same time, in accordance with the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to promote the transformation of government functions and optimize the business environment, based on more decentralization to the market, strengthen enterprise entities and government supervision, focus on greater stimulation of market vitality, cancel 25 administrative licensing matters such as the pre approval of enterprise names and the preliminary examination of some product registration, and delegate 6 licensing authorities such as the practice registration of some occupations to government departments at or below the provincial level. It not only simplifies procedures and reduces transaction costs of enterprises, but also helps to focus government supervision more on important aspects such as safety

Regional dividend

industry development is more dramatic

in 2018, we will promote the development of the west, the revitalization of the northeast, the rise of the central region, and the first development in the East, and introduce a number of reform and innovation measures. The coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei has made remarkable progress, and the ecological priority and green development pattern of the Yangtze River economic belt has been continuously consolidated. Substantial progress has been made in the planning and construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area, and the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge has been completed and opened to traffic

2019 work task: optimize the regional development pattern

formulate new policies and measures for the development and opening up of the western region, and continue to implement the preferential policies for enterprise income tax in the western region after expiration

implement and improve the reform and innovation measures to promote the overall revitalization of the northeast, the rise of the central region, and the first development of the East

the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei focuses on PE water supply pipes to ease Beijing's non capital functions and build xiong'an new area with high standards

implement the construction plan of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area, promote the convergence of rules, and promote the flow of production factors and the facilitation of personnel exchanges

promote the development of regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta into a national strategy, and prepare and implement the development plan outline

promote green building

led lighting industry has great potential

when the government's work task in 2019 was pointed out, strengthen pollution prevention and ecological construction, and vigorously promote green development. Green development is the inevitable requirement of building a modern economic system and the fundamental solution to the problem of pollution. We should reform and improve relevant systems and promote high-quality development and ecological environment protection in a coordinated manner

this year's government work report mentioned that when expanding the green and environmental protection industry, it specifically mentioned promoting resource conservation and recycling, and promoting green buildings. This is of great significance to the sustainable development of the lighting industry, especially the promotion of LED lighting has brought more opportunities

with the development of social economy today, we must take the development path of resource conservation and recycling, which is reflected in the construction field, which is to vigorously promote green buildings. As a typical example of green buildings, LED lighting has contributed to promoting resource conservation and recycling

some data show that if the power-saving and energy-saving LED lighting is popularized, the lighting power consumption is expected to be reduced by half, which must not be completely. Therefore, as a strategic emerging industry of environmental protection and low carbon, LED lighting will continue to play an important role in the east wind of policy

expand "intelligence +"

empower the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

artificial intelligence has been written into the premier's government work report for the third consecutive year. This year, the concept of "intelligence +" was first proposed to empower the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. At present, the concepts of intelligent lighting and intelligent lamp posts are also an integral part of "intelligence +" and the general trend in the future is possible

Li Keqiang said that we should adhere to innovation to lead development and cultivate new drivers of growth. We should give full play to China's comprehensive advantages such as rich human resources and huge domestic market, reform and innovate the mechanism of scientific and technological research and development and industrialized application, vigorously cultivate professionalism, and promote the continuous transformation of old and new driving forces

promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Focusing on promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, we should strengthen the industrial foundation and technological innovation ability, promote the integrated development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, and speed up the construction of a manufacturing power. Build an industrial interconnection platform, expand "smart +" and empower the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

support enterprises to accelerate technological transformation and equipment upgrading, and expand the preferential policy of accelerated depreciation of fixed assets to all manufacturing fields. Strengthen the basic support of quality, promote the docking of standards with the international advanced level, improve the quality of products and services, and let more domestic and foreign users choose made in China and services in China

accelerate the development of emerging industries. We will deepen research and development applications such as big data and artificial intelligence, cultivate new generation information technology, high-end equipment, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, new materials and other emerging industrial clusters, and expand the digital economy. Adhere to inclusive and prudent supervision, support the development of new business forms and new models, and promote the healthy growth of platform economy and sharing economy. Accelerate the promotion of "interconnection +" in all industries and fields

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