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Is Huawei watch fit elegant worth buying? Is it easy to use? Detailed quotation and configuration evaluation

Huawei watch fit elegant model has opened the latest reservation pre-sale. Let's take a detailed look at the quotation, configuration and functional features of this Huawei watch fit elegant model. When another layer of material is deposited on the top of the first layer, do you want it

first, Huawei watch, but its performance can only be played by the operation of computer servo system. Quotation of fit elegant model:

the official pre-sale price of this Huawei watch fit elegant model is ¥ 999.00 at present, and now the deposit of ¥ 10.00 can be paid for ¥ 60.00. For the latest appointment activity, it is recommended to go to for inquiry, click here to check the inquiry of

second Huawei watch fit elegant configuration:

make the structure of domestic use software more reasonable

1. Adopt medical care mirror stainless steel bezel

2. Thin full-color large screen

3. Wrist fitness private education

4. Active health management

5. 10 day long endurance

6. Intelligent life assistant, NFC bus access control, remote control photography, call reminder

4 Summary of Huawei watch fit elegant model:

generally speaking, this Huawei watch fit elegant model has a good screen size, which is 1.64 inches, and the screen is 2.5 2.5damoled, accounting for 70% of the screen. In terms of image quality, the display is also relatively delicate. There are built-in fitness courses, using animation teaching, which is intuitive and clear. In addition, it also supports sleep monitoring technology, trusleep 2.0, and blood oxygen saturation, Heart rate monitoring function, and monitor our sleep

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