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In recent years, artificial intelligence has become one of the key capabilities to promote the digital transformation of all walks of life in China under the macro background of digitalization, intellectualization, accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and vigorously developing the new economy. At the 8th ShineWing forum co organized by Beijing GuoShuang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GuoShuang), Qi Guosheng, chairman and CEO of GuoShuang, delivered a speech entitled industrial AI driving the digital economy, explaining the role of industrial AI in promoting the digital economy

then, how big is the development space of industrial AI? What value does it bring to China's industry and industry development? How did the national development and Reform Commission promote the implementation of artificial intelligence in the industrial field and deeply release production? 4 TLS ⑴ 0000i ~ 20000i number shows the artificial intelligence value of spring tension and compression experiment machine industry? On the sidelines of the conference, Qi Guosheng was interviewed by the media on relevant topics

industrial AI market has great potential

national leaders pointed out in their speech at the BRICs business forum held this year that the next 10 years will be the key 10 years for the transformation of new and old drivers of the world economy. From the perspective of domestic industrial development environment, the state has intensively issued a series of policies to encourage and support the development of artificial intelligence industry in recent years, including the three-year action implementation plan for Internet + artificial intelligence and the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence. This also indicates that under the macro background of accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and vigorously developing the new economy, artificial intelligence has become one of the key capabilities to promote the digital transformation of all walks of life in China

Qi Guosheng said in his speech that the development of intelligence has stimulated new momentum in the industry. In response to the call of national leaders, big data and artificial intelligence should serve the real economy more closely. In the era of enterprise transformation from informatization to digitalization, hybrid artificial intelligence will be the development direction to solve the problems of enterprise transformation and governance, help enterprises change from extensive and human intensive to sophisticated and intelligent driven development mode, and promote supply side reform. In this regard, GuoShuang is committed to becoming a technology supplier and provider for enterprises in the era of digital and intelligent transformation, and will continue to provide one-stop intelligent solutions through industrial intelligent systems to empower enterprises in digital and intelligent transformation

in fact, the application space of artificial intelligence technology in the industrial field is very broad, and it will also bring great application value to the industry and all walks of life. In this regard, both countries have had a series of successful practices in many important domestic industries. For example, through the cooperation with a large domestic automobile enterprise, GuoShuang solves the problem that the mileage of hybrid new energy vehicles cannot be accurately predicted. As the driving mileage of hybrid new energy vehicles involves complex indicators, which are not only related to fuel volume, electricity consumption and driving habits, but also closely related to the weather, temperature, road slope and congestion at that time, it is necessary to collect a large amount of historical data to make corresponding prediction models, so as to accurately predict the driving mileage

another example is that GuoShuang helps oilfield enterprises to carry out predictive maintenance of oil equipment. As many oil enterprises in China use kowtow machines for oil production operations, most of these mechanical equipment are set in the field. Once damaged, it is very troublesome to repair, which is time-consuming and laborious, and faces the economic losses caused by shutdown. Through the collection and in-depth mining of historical data of the enterprise, combined with the schematic diagram of Rockwell hardness test and the in-depth learning technology of experts, GuoShuang can predict the high probability of component damage and failure that will occur two weeks later, and realize the maintenance of the equipment without stopping, so as to prevent trouble before it happens

ai industry landing needs to increase industry capacity

what is industrial artificial intelligence? In Qi Guosheng's view, industrial AI is a hybrid AI technology concept, which is different from the current AI technology at the perception level such as face recognition and speech recognition. In addition to the ability of in-depth learning and perception, it must also combine the abilities of data scientists and industry experts, code the professional information and professional ability of the industry with the help of knowledge maps and natural language understanding ability, and discover the rules by using computers to process massive historical data. The combination of these capabilities can be truly called industrial artificial intelligence

without experts and sufficient industry experience, as AI solution providers, big data and AI platforms, no matter how well they are done, are castles in the air and cannot solve practical problems and promote productivity development. Qi Guosheng explained that GuoShuang has accumulated for many years in technology fields such as big data and artificial intelligence, and has established its own advantages, but at the same time, what is more needed is experts in various industries and industrial fields. This is also the most important reason why we have reached in-depth cooperation with ShineWing this time

in fact, based on this, GuoShuang has been actively embracing the industry and the industry by relying on its unique distributed data architecture and multi-dimensional correlation analysis technology of its big data platform, using AI technologies such as natural language processing and knowledge mapping, and by introducing a large number of industry and industry experts. At present, GuoShuang has successful practices in many industries, such as digital marketing, intelligent CRM, financial media and data intelligence, intelligent justice, intelligent government affairs, industrial interconnection, etc., and has made real achievements and won the trust of customers

industrial AI needs to overcome four bottlenecks

it should be said that in the expansion of industry and industry market, big data, AI technology capability and industry capability are two very critical aspects. So, what difficulties and bottlenecks do AI solution providers need to break through in order to break the situation in the industry and industry market? In this regard, Qi Guosheng said that in the face of the existing traditional process platform, in general, the breaking situation of artificial intelligence technology in the industry and industry field still needs to solve four major problems

first, whether we can get complete and high-quality data. Taking the practice of GuoShuang in the field of digital marketing as an example, whether we can get a complete and high-quality data source is the biggest difficulty in intelligent data analysis for users. Since early digital marketing occurred on users' digital platforms, it is often possible to obtain qualified data sources; Later, as more and more businesses do not happen on user digital platforms, it has become a major difficulty to obtain qualified data sources

second, data alone is not enough, and experts in this field are also needed. As mentioned above, the landing of industrial AI requires the support of industry capabilities and the supervision of industry experts on the process of machine learning data, so as to finally create a product with industry application value

third, lack of market awareness. At present, in the big data and artificial intelligence markets at home and abroad, there is a phenomenon of excessive packaging. This over packaging has made market users' cognition of the application value brought by artificial intelligence deviate greatly. If the potential market does not have a clear understanding of industrial AI, as an AI solution provider, we must pay more investment to educate the market

fourth, the combination and integration with the traditional process platform. As an AI solution provider, for example, when building an intelligent platform closely related to business, it is bound to need to connect with the process platform. This new old transformation process is a big challenge for both traditional process platforms and AI solution providers. It must be clearly understood that intelligent platforms are not substitutes. Only the effective integration of the two can better promote industrial development

it is not difficult to see that both sides of the country have a deep understanding and understanding of the breaking situation of industrial AI, which should also be the reason why they can succeed in many domestic industry markets. In fact, as a global digital center, China now has a very broad development space in industrial AI. The landing of artificial intelligence in all walks of life will not only help enterprise users' digital and intelligent transformation, but also greatly drive the growth of AI solution providers. In the past, as the first big data and artificial intelligence enterprise listed in the United States, GuoShuang took the lead in China by virtue of its advantages in the research and development of big data and artificial intelligence technology. Today's GuoShuang will play a more active leading and guiding role in the growth and development of the entire AI solution provider group by virtue of its insights in the implementation of industrial AI


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