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Interpretation of Ma Yun's five new new manufacturing brings new opportunities

Abstract: what Ma Yun said about new manufacturing is a manufacturing industry based on data. At the same time, Ma Yun advocates personalization and customization. The new manufacturing brought by data is similar to the frequently mentioned industrial 4.0 and made in China 2025, when 140 million tons of "ground steel" are fully cleared. I won't mention it here, but focus on the personalized and customized new manufacturing mentioned by Ma Yun

with the advent of the era of Internet of things, the impact of big data involves all aspects of life, and the social model also begins to change. Ma Yun once mentioned the five innovations, namely, new retail, new manufacturing, new technology, new energy and new finance. These five innovations will affect the economy, society and politics of Chinese society. Today we are talking about the new opportunities brought by new manufacturing

what Ma Yun said about new manufacturing is a manufacturing industry based on data. At the same time, Ma Yun advocates personalization and customization

the new manufacturing brought about by data is similar to the industry 4.0 and made in China 2025 that we often mention, so I won't mention it here, focusing on the personalized and customized new manufacturing mentioned by Ma Yun

in the highly competitive e-commerce retail industry, "differentiated marketing" is what businesses have been trying to do, which is also catering to the psychology of a new generation of consumer groups pursuing personalization. In addition, the development of Internet has brought us a new vision. The improvement of living standards has also improved our consumption concept. The pursuit of quality has become the choice of most people. Therefore, personalization and customization are the two inevitable characteristics of the future development of e-commerce

for Taobao sellers, opportunities and pressures coexist in the future e-commerce road. Only by adapting to the development of the market and grasping consumers' consumption psychology and habits, can they operate better. What "new manufacturing" brings to Taobao shopkeepers is the inspiration about the marketing concept. Personalization and customization are not only reflected in products, but also in services

personalized and customized products pursue a kind of quality and feelings, and more emphasis is placed on the completion of users and products. SiC particle reinforced MoSi2 matrix composites can be prepared. Products built according to the actual needs and preferences of consumers will have a better user experience. Buying this product from users will not only buy the use value, but also experience the service, which is a higher-level consumption. Sellers can attract some consumers by selling personalized customized products

in addition, in terms of buyer service, sellers can also achieve personalization and customization in customer service. Especially during holidays and activities, customer service uses personalized words when communicating with buyers, such as the addition of some hot words and the use of expression packs, which can make customer service more grounded and warm, rather than the stereotyped "pro" that looks like automatic replies. In addition, the one-to-one customer service is also customized to go to the licensing department to handle the standard change procedures and fill in the "registration approval form for changes in measurement certification and testing standards". Now professional customer service can do this. It is what every customer service is trying to do to patiently and sincerely solve customers' worries

it can be seen that Jack Ma proposed that the listing of new manufacturing to a certain extent be based on Alibaba's services. Because of this, many manufacturing entrepreneurs raised objections to Jack Ma's new manufacturing. Zong Qinghou directly said, "I think everything except new technology is nonsense." Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL, said it mildly: "In fact, in addition to the new technology, the two heads of state 1 of our two countries agreed with each other when they boarded the review platform. I can't understand the other new ones. I dare not say that he is nonsense like Zong, because these new ones seem to be more tailored according to his business model. He hopes that the future business environment will be like this. But for Industry and the real economy, whether this is the most suitable one can't be simply explained With so many new samples, I think the new ones must be good. " Dong Mingzhu said, "general Zong's expression just now is actually very exciting from the heart. What he said is the truth. In fact, we feel that the new technology we just talked about is because we constantly want to innovate. Please remove the word 'new'. They are all original and exist in the past. But we say that progress is the performance of an era and has no special importance."

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