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Interpretation of the measures for the administration of digital printing

the General Administration of publication issued the measures for the administration of digital printing (Xinchu Zhengfa [2011] No. 2) (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") on January 11, 2011, and the "measures" shall enter into force as of February 1, 2011. According to a relevant person from the printing and Distribution Administration Department of the General Administration of publishing, the measures are normative documents, not departmental rules. The measures is a management document, and most of the provisions are of the nature of confirmation, restriction, prohibition of axial pressure on the test piece, punishment and other management. The measures clarify the scope of digital printing business activities and the conditions for the establishment of enterprises, and stipulate the supervision and management system and laws. The "measures" has been formulated for more than four years, and was born under the requirements of the rapid development of global digital technology and network technology, the convenience, diversity and diversification of printing products and services, which will contribute to the transformation, upgrading and accelerated development of China's printing industry

define the scope of application of the measures

the measures are applicable to the business activities (i.e. digital printing business activities) that use production-oriented digital printing machines to print publications, packaging and decoration prints and other printed materials. According to the person, unlike the "printing industry management regulations", which distinguishes business scope according to product types, the scope of digital printing business activities covers all printing fields, which is determined according to the technical characteristics of digital printing

the method also defines the number of production types, so that they immediately understand the definition of word printing machine and distinguish it from high-speed digital multifunction peripheral equipment. In order to further clarify the approval basis of digital printing enterprises, the General Administration of Taxation issued the catalogue of productive digital printers on August 10, unifying the certification standards of productive digital printers

the measures involves two enterprise concepts: one is a digital printing business enterprise, that is, an enterprise engaged in digital printing business activities; One is the digital printing enterprise, that is, the enterprise specializing in digital printing proposed by the annual verification and statement. The source said that digital printing enterprises include enterprises specializing in digital printing and other enterprises engaged in digital printing business activities

define the conditions for the establishment of two types of enterprises

the measures stipulates the conditions for the establishment of digital printing enterprises: the construction area of the production and business premises is not less than 50 square meters; The registered capital shall not be less than 1million yuan; There is more than one production-oriented digital printing machine; The legal representative or the main person in charge of the enterprise must obtain the "printing regulations training certificate" issued by the provincial publishing administration department. The person said that this standard was repeatedly discussed and determined by experts and industry management departments, and it is the minimum threshold for approving digital printing enterprises. Where conditions are good, the standard can be appropriately raised

the measures also stipulates the conditions for the establishment of digital printing chain enterprises: more than five chain stores, and the registered capital of the headquarters is not less than 5million yuan

encourage digital printing enterprises to print publications

the business scope of the measures is to use production-oriented digital printing machines to engage in the business activities of printing publications, packaging and decoration prints and other prints. According to the source, there is a point of concern here. The threshold of traditional publications is relatively high, and the publishing administrative department has relatively strict control. However, the measures encourages enterprises to engage in publication printing in the form of digital printing, which follows the development law of digital printing technology

the advantages of digital printing, such as personalization, low printing volume and no plate making, are unmatched by traditional printing. Traditional printing technology is mainly characterized by batch reproduction. The larger the batch, the lower the marginal cost. However, due to the cost rigidity of traditional printing, small batch reproduction has been facing insurmountable economic costs. Therefore, it is imperative to print some short edition publications on demand

encourage the development of digital printing content

encouraging content has been added to the measures. The first article of the measures generally says: promote the healthy development of digital printing. Article 4 indicates that the State supports and encourages digital printing enterprises to adopt new technologies, develop new models and provide new services

in order to encourage the healthy and rapid development of digital printing chain enterprises, the measures have simplified the approval procedures of chain enterprise branches and the procedures for reference of publication samples. According to Article 10 of the measures, after the establishment of digital printing chain enterprises and the chain headquarters are approved by the local provincial publishing administration department in accordance with the normal procedures, each chain store will no longer repeat the approval procedures, but only need to bring relevant materials to the local provincial publishing administration department for filing. Considering the business practice of Asia, Article 18 of the measures stipulates that if a digital printing chain operation enterprise accepts the entrusted printing of publications under the unified organization of the chain headquarters, the entrusted chain headquarters or chain stores shall verify and retain the relevant printing authorization and the samples of the entrusted printing publications for future reference, and other chain stores shall be exempted from relevant procedures

improve the supervision responsibilities of chain operation

the measures clarify that the publishing administrative departments above the county level implement supervision over chain stores, and require chain headquarters to strengthen the management of daily business activities of stores. If the store is subject to administrative punishment above fine, the punishment results shall be filed with the provincial publishing administration department where the headquarters is located. If a store has been fined more than twice in a year, the headquarters will cancel the store or terminate the chain operation relationship with the store, and the original license issuing authority will revoke the license of the store. If more than 1/3 of the stores are subject to administrative penalties above fines within one year, the headquarters shall be ordered to rectify; If the rectification fails, the original license issuing authority shall revoke the licenses of the headquarters and all stores

the measures reiterate that the power of attorney system must be adhered to when accepting entrustment to print publications. The person said that the measures did not make specific provisions on the relevant implementation procedures, and the main consideration was to leave an interface for the future implementation of electronic verification of power of attorney networks

the measures also stipulates that quality management should be improved, and the friction coefficient is the lowest among plastics. It requires that digital printing enterprises should establish a quality assurance system, and the quality of printing products should meet national and industrial standards

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