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Interpretation of the 2011 bidding project of designated printing enterprises of central state organs

in order to better assist printing enterprises in the bidding work of designated enterprises for government procurement, Beijing Printing Association invited its expert committee member and bidding expert zhuchunlei on June 15 to interpret in detail the bidding document of the bidding project of designated printing enterprises of central state organs in, and summarized ten characteristics

I. in 2011, 70 designated printing enterprises were shortlisted in the bidding.

the number of designated printing enterprises shortlisted in this bidding will reach 70, 10 more than that in 2010. The bidding project is divided into three packages, including the first package: bills and certificates, with 25 finalists; The second package: books and other categories, 40 finalists; The third package: envelopes, 5 finalists. The second package is divided into package a and package B with a registered capital of 4million yuan. Package a is shortlisted for 15 small-scale enterprises and package B is shortlisted for 25

it is worth noting that

(1) for package a and package B of the second package, enterprises cannot bid at the same time, otherwise it will be abandoned

(2) printing enterprises in 2011 can only be shortlisted for 2 packages at most

II. Bidding scope

there are such provisions in the amount range of bidding projects in 2011:

(1) for the project of 10000 yuan, the purchaser can not conduct bidding, but needs to choose from the designated printing plants

(2) for projects with a price of 10000 yuan, bidding may not be carried out, but bidding may be invited, such as inviting five printing enterprises to make sealed bids

(3) for projects with more than 1.2 million yuan, fixed-point printing plant bidding is required

III. qualification requirements

(1) for the first package, the business scope of the bidder's printing business license must include other types of printed matter

(2) the registered capital of the bidder of package a of package II must be less than or equal to 4million, and package B must include the category of printed publications in addition to the printing license

(3) the bidder of the third package shall have a valid envelope Production Supervision Certificate

IV. new nanotechnology

in order to promote green plate making technology, nanotechnology has been added to the bidding technology project. (proof materials issued by relevant institutions shall be provided) nanotechnology accounts for 1 point in the first package, 1 point in the second package, and 2 points in Category A and category B

v. scoring algorithm of new bidding quotation

the biggest change in the bidding documents of designated printing enterprises of central state organs in 2011 is the bidding quotation. In the new bidding quotation system, the lowest quotation of the enterprise is no longer used as the evaluation standard for the highest score, but a two round average algorithm is adopted, as follows:

(1) each bidder first logs in the fixed-point printing quotation system according to the project requirements, and then bids the corresponding price. The procurement center will calculate the arithmetic mean of the bidder's quotation of each package based on the package (2a and 2b are counted as one package respectively). Bidders whose quotations are 50% higher or lower than the first round average will be removed

(2) after removing more than 50% of the above quotations, the procurement center will add up the remaining quotations again, and then calculate a new average quotation as a reasonable average price

let the gasoline evaporate and then apply grease

(3) the final score of the bidder's quotation will be based on the second reasonable average price. If the quotation deviates from the reasonable average price by less than 2%, 30 points will be obtained, and 1 point will be deducted for every 2% higher than the reasonable average price; For every 2% lower than the reasonable average price, 0.5 points will be deducted, and the minimum is 0 point

VI. quotation principle

for the quotation of fixed-point procurement in the past, the virtual quotation is allowed to be inconsistent with the actual price, but in this year's new bidding document, the price of the quotation is specified in detail:

the virtual quotation of the winning bidder in this bidding will be used as the reference price for providing fixed-point printing services for the purchaser during the contract execution period. Under the same demand, the actual execution price of the contract shall not be higher than the virtual quotation

VII. Project subcontracting is not allowed after winning the bid.

once the winning bidder wins the bid and signs the contract, it is not allowed to subcontract or subcontract without the prior written consent of the procurement center, and it is not allowed to transfer all and any rights and obligations of the contract to a third party, otherwise it will be deemed as a serious breach of contract. The procurement center has the right to decide to connect the oil cylinder 4 with the valve block on the oil source through the pipe interface 3 and two high-pressure rubber hoses 6, and destroy the bid according to the successful bidder after winning the bid Termination or termination of the contract shall be handled in accordance with the contract

VIII. New scoring method

the new scoring method was adopted in the bidding projects of central organs in 2011. The new scoring method is somewhat similar to the scoring rules of Gymnastics: remove the highest score and the lowest score, and then calculate the average score of the remaining scores. The specific provisions are as follows: the score of each bidder is the arithmetic mean value of all judges' scores after removing a maximum score and a minimum score

IX. contract period

in 2011, the bidding of printing enterprises designated by central state organs, once the winning bidder wins the bid, the contract period is from the date of signing to December 31, 2012

X. equipment registration system

in 2011, the bidding of designated printing enterprises of the central state organs had stricter requirements on the bidder's equipment declaration than in previous years. The bidding document stipulated that the bidder should declare the details of production equipment with a unit price of more than 10000 yuan, and the equipment that was not filled in was deemed to be absent. At the same time, equipment with a unit price of 500000-1million yuan and equipment with a unit price of more than 1million yuan should be declared separately and attached with equipment photos

in general, the biggest change in the bidding of printing enterprises designated by the central state organs in was the calculation of price scores and the operability of virtual prices. The adoption of the average floating algorithm and the fact that the virtual quotation will become the reference price of the official printing project will seriously hit the behavior of enterprises deliberately lowering the price in order to get a high score in the quotation score, so as to protect the basic interests of most printing enterprises; At the same time, experts remind bidders that since the contract period of this bidding lasts until the end of 2012, plus the virtual quotation will become the reference price for future contract execution, under the same demand, the actual contract execution price cannot be higher than the virtual quotation, so the virtual quotation of bidders must take into account all factors affecting the price in the next year and a half, Some emerging industries have put forward new requirements for experimental fixtures to avoid unnecessary losses caused by rising prices of various materials in the future

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