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Interpretation of the Chinese "dragon" swallowing Germany "according to the actual situation": the gorgeous turn made in China

interpretation of the Chinese "dragon" swallowing Germany "elephant": the gorgeous turn made in China

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Guide: on the 31st, in Changsha, Hunan Province, two hands wearing Rolex watches held each other tightly, Announce a fact to the world: Sany Heavy Industry, the leading enterprise in China's concrete pump industry, has officially acquired its biggest competitor, German machinery giant Putzmeister, known as the elephant. The creation of two enterprises

On the 31st, in Changsha, Hunan Province, two hands with Rolex watches held each other tightly, announcing a fact to the world: Sany Heavy Industry, the leading enterprise in China's concrete pump industry, officially acquired its biggest competitor, German machinery giant Putzmeister, known as the "elephant"

the founders of two enterprises: Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, and Karl Schlecht of Putzmeister. One is the richest man in China who has just joined the Academy; One is a German old man who is nearly 80 years old and has gray temples. They expressed mutual trust by exchanging each other's precious watches, implying that the two enterprises will henceforth stand on the same starting line

the two companies have signed a formal agreement to complete the merger after passing the review of the regulatory authorities. Sany Germany, a subsidiary of Sany Heavy Industry, invested 324million euros, accounting for 90% of the equity; CITIC industrial fund invested 36million euros, accounting for 10% of the shares

this is a merger and acquisition that is of common concern in the industry and the international community: it will bring new leaders to the global concrete pump industry; It will also become a landmark event that made in China competes for overseas markets and is truly recognized by European society

"The purchase price should not be measured by the money and time of installing a manual switch on the gold wire to control the source of the experimental motor. For example, technology, Putzmeister is now the best enterprise in the world in concrete technology; for example, the sales system, which they spent 52 years to establish, cannot be measured by money. Sany's current exports account for less than 5% of the sales. Through the acquisition, we have already had an overseas market. This is a strategy and Purchase is a merger and acquisition that changes the world competitive pattern. " Facing the media, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, said on the 31st

in the construction machinery industry, Putzmeister is known as "elephant". Sany Heavy Industry took "elephant" as an example at the beginning of entering the construction machinery industry. In the mid-1990s, imported products represented by pump brands such as Putzmeister had an absolute say in China's concrete machinery market

but this phenomenon has changed since this century. In 2009, Sany surpassed Putzmeister to become the world's largest concrete pump manufacturer by sales volume. At the same time, Sany is also strengthening the development of overseas markets, and has invested in the construction of factories and R & D centers in India, the United States, Germany, Brazil and other countries. In the field of concrete machinery, Sany Heavy Industry refreshed the world record of long boom pump truck to 86 meters

especially after the great earthquake in Japan last year, Sany donated a self-developed 62 meter long arm pump truck to Japan to participate in the cooling operation of the reactor of the power station because some users did not need to test materials at that time. The "high-profile" appearance and excellent performance of China's donated pump truck not only won the unanimous recognition of the international community, but also gave the international community a new understanding of made in China

just a few months ago, Sany and Putzmeister were still "competing on the same stage". Now, the merger and acquisition of China's "dragon" swallowing Germany's "elephant" has attracted the attention of the international community. What puzzles the outside world is why Karl schle's made in China 2025 focuses on the major needs of economic and social development and national security, and CHT will be willing to hand over its hard-earned world brand to Chinese enterprises

"seeing the rapid development of Sany in such a short time, I have to admit that if we do it ourselves, we may not have such achievements, especially in a large market like China, we can't do it with our ability." Karl Schlecht said that Liang Wengen, founder and chairman of Sany group, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in China. For this reason, he confidently handed over his lifelong business to Sany from China, and hoped that they would integrate Chinese and Western ideas more perfectly

Karl Schlecht admitted that if he discussed selling the company to Chinese enterprises with his employees five years ago, no one would agree. Today's cooperation is the recognition of Germany and made in Germany to China and made in China

from the end of last year to the beginning of 2012, the "overseas acquisition" of the construction machinery industry has gradually heated up. According to the analysis of insiders, the outbreak of the European debt crisis may create a good opportunity for Chinese enterprises to make overseas mergers and acquisitions. This also means that in the international market, "made in China" will become more and more important. Xiang Wenbo said more bluntly that China's urbanization will provide a broad market for the machinery industry, and the focus of concrete machinery has shifted from the west to China

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