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【 PVC 】 the price has been rising all the way, and the future price is optimistic.

I. this week's market (March 24 to March 28)

this week's PVC warehouse receipt market continues to be optimistic compared with last week's market. The technical level has closed for five consecutive days, and the price has broken through a record high. As of Friday's close, the China Plastics warehouse receipt index closed at 1297.26 points, down 6.271 points from the previous trading week

on Monday, the PVC warehouse receipt opened low and went high. The intraday index fell sharply in the early stage and then rose rapidly. The mid and late session fluctuated upward, and the late session rose slightly to a stable closing; On Tuesday, the PVC warehouse added talc powder filler, glass fiber and other reinforcement materials, light/thermal oxygen aging agent and other additives. The trend was relatively strong. The intraday index rose slightly in the early stage, and there was a wave of steady power in the middle and back of the session. The main force index in the late session climbed all the way to a record high; On Wednesday, the PVC warehouse receipt opened low and went flat, the intraday index fell all the way in the early stage, and began to rise in small waves in the middle and later stages, with a relatively stable overall trend; On Thursday, the PVC warehouse receipt opened low and went flat. The intraday index fell all the way in the early stage, and began to rise in small waves in the middle and later stages. The overall trend was relatively stable; On Friday, the warehouse receipts opened low and went high. The intraday index fell all the way in the early stage, and began to rise slightly in the middle and rear markets. There was a period of stable trend in the middle and rear markets, and the last market fluctuated upward

in terms of data, as of Friday's closing, the PVC warehouse receipt index closed at 1292.82 points, up 11.75 points compared with the previous trading week. The settlement price of main warehouse receipts rose and fell compared with the same period last week. The trading volume and order volume increased compared with the same period last week

the specific data of a week are as follows:

warehouse receipts arrive at the site within 4 working days and solve the problems

settlement price (yuan/ton)

pvc warehouse receipts total trading volume (ton)

pvc warehouse receipts order quantity (batch)

this weekend

last weekend

increase and decrease

this week

last week

increase and decrease

this Friday

last weekend




↑ 130



↑ 13



↑ 4




↑ 9




comprehensive analysis:

on the K-line chart around the index, This week, the PVC warehouse receipt received a small positive line with downward shadow. The 10 day moving average fell and the 5-day moving average intersected with the entity. The 30 day moving average moved slowly and rose slowly after intersecting with the 20 day moving average. On the daily K-line chart, the Wuyang line is closed, the opening of the burin line tends to be stable, the KDJ index tends to be flat, the green column of the MACD index increases slowly, and the future market is rising steadily

crude oil price: crude oil futures rose and fell sharply this week, falling below $100 during the session and rising $5 overnight. At the end of the weekend, WTI was at $101.84/barrel, down $8.49 compared with last week; Brent was at $100.38 per barrel, down $7.16 from last Friday

in terms of spot goods: the PVC market did not do well this week. It rose unsteadily for several consecutive times. By the end of the week, the rise stopped. There was strong resistance at the downstream high level. The market high level was strong. Due to the high receiving cost, traders' operational risk was increasing. At present, it is mainly to reduce inventory and operate steadily. As of Friday, the mainstream price of calcium carbide in South China was yuan/ton, and that of ethylene method was yuan/ton. The East China market is stable as a whole. The mainstream price of type 5 materials is RMB/ton, the price of high models is reduced and the recall risk is stable, and the price of ethylene materials is RMB/ton. Due to the tight supply of calcium carbide in Southwest China, most enterprises plan to repair or have already repaired. This week, the price has increased rapidly. The PVC market price in Sichuan is RMB/ton. The market in North China is strong. The market quotation of type 5 material in Shandong market at the weekend has reached about 8200 yuan/ton, which is the same as that in East China. The ethylene material of Qilu Chemical industry city also reached 8450 yuan/ton

in the later stage, it is worth paying attention to whether the composite materials obtained from the price of upstream raw materials will continue to rise, and whether chlor alkali enterprises will carry out centralized routine maintenance in April. The market is in a high-level operation stage. Traders should control their positions, hold an appropriate amount of goods, and operate cautiously in the later stage

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