The most popular PVC price in Asia fell by $15 las

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Last week, the price of PVC in Asia fell by $15

due to the buyer's withdrawal from the market and the seller's eagerness to complete the trade in July, the price in the Asian market fell by $15 last week, reaching $0/ton due to the small export of feeders (CFR Far East and Southeast Asia). Manufacturers in Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea have completed July trade at US $600/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia). A Japanese manufacturer quoted us $590/ton for its 100 ton batch (CFR China/Southeast Asia). Another merchant also quoted us $590/ton (CFR China) for its Brazilian goods. The buyer's purchase intention is less than US $570/ton (CFR China) or less. It aims to provide more cost-effective packaging options for medical devices with lighter weight and lower risk. The price in the Chinese market remains unchanged at 6400 yuan/ton, equivalent to 580 US dollars/ton (CFR). In terms of devices, the 550000 T/a device of shin Etsu company in Japan has been put into operation in the second half of June. Taiyo company expects to restore the operating rate of its 310000 t device to 100% by the end of July. Thai company in Thailand plans to reopen its 440000 ton unit in mid July. VCM quotation the Japanese manufacturer opened the quotation in USD/ton (CFR, China)

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