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PVC modified plastics may get rid of the dependence on raw materials

organize the upstream and downstream parties of the industrial chain to carry out systematic research. According to a brief introduction, the chlorosulfonated polyethylene equipment of Jilin Petrochemical calcium carbide plant was founded in 1968 and is the only enterprise in China that is allowed to produce chlorosulfonated polyethylene by the Ministry of modified plastics environmental protection to use carbon tetrachloride solvent. At present, the production capacity of PVC modified plastic plant is 3000 tons/year. Limited by the Montreal peace treaty, the quota license system is implemented, and the old carbon tetrachloride solvent used in the production process of the device restricts the production skills of the equipment manufacturer. In recent years, under the supervision and guidance of the Ministry of environmental protection, the plant has passively carried out assimilation solvent research together with Jilin Petrochemical Research Institute, breaking away from the dependence on carbon tetrachloride solvent

the largest domestic chlorosulfonated polyethylene unit in Jilin Petrochemical calcium carbide plant has successfully produced qualified products after technical transformation. After testing by relevant departments, the solvent residue, evaporation, tensile strength and other targets in the product have reached the international level First of all, you should browse the product standards in the operation manual and complete the double lifting of production volume and efficiency

from the end of July 27, the transformation mainly focuses on the solvent, plant post-treatment system, extrusion of waste, tail gas recovery and other critical points. The modification of tail gas receiving modified plastic pipe not only improves the driving environment, but also increases the material loss; The single screw extrusion adopted in the past is changed into a twin-screw extrusion technology, which can effectively reduce the solvent residue in the manufactured products; Adopting new solvents to develop chemical manufacturing in manufacturing industry has completely freed the demand for carbon tetrachloride solvents

after some professional tests, after this technical transformation, the residue of carbon tetrachloride solvent in the products made by the PVC modified plastic factory decreased from 0.5% to less than 0.1%, and the appearance and connotation of the products were promoted according to the instructions

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