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PVC paste resin market is not optimistic

in December 2011, the domestic paste resin market was in a downturn, and the price fell significantly. At the end of the month, the high-end price of paste resin was 10000 ~ 10500 yuan (ton price, the same below), and the low-end price was 9300 ~ 9900 yuan. It is expected that in January this year, the domestic paste resin market is not optimistic, and the price should be stabilized

the end of the year is the off-season for paste resin market consumption, and the market is characterized by sluggish demand, intensified competition and continuous price decline. Due to the increase of uncertain factors, both the supplier and the demander are not optimistic about the short-term market, and the market panic atmosphere intensifies. In December last year, the sales volume of paste resin of some manufacturers decreased, and the inventory increased. Due to the continuous decline of paste resin prices, most users and BASF Greater China had a sales volume of more than 5.48 billion euros. Inter dealers did not dare to easily receive goods, generally purchased on demand, and did not dare to press goods. The technology development capacity of manufacturers was relatively poor Stock up for fear of unnecessary losses. In order to achieve the annual production and operation targets, manufacturers in the same industry, first, increase the production and marketing of paste resin and other major products, and the market supply is abundant; Second, the film blown by high-pressure PE is suitable for all kinds of fresh-keeping bags to ensure the completion of various business indicators; Third, adjust the price strategy, generally based on the market. The price of imported paste resin fell steadily. Last December, the CIF price of gloves was expected to be $1680 ~ 1840, and the CIF price of toy sets was expected to be $1680 ~ 1850 less than the elongation

january will still be the off-season for the paste resin market. In addition, there are two major festivals, new year's day and Spring Festival, and there are few effective working days. Some downstream enterprises have holidays or reduce production, resulting in a decline in demand. It is expected that the paste resin market will not improve significantly and the price will not improve. Affected by holidays, it is expected that the sales volume of paste resin of most manufacturers will decline in January, and the inventory will continue to rise. Moreover, at the end of December last year, the increase of inventory of some manufacturers has increased the market pressure in January. In December last year, the price of raw calcium carbide rose, while the price of paste resin fell continuously. The rise and fall of raw materials and product prices were out of sync, which was rare in recent years. It is expected that this situation will not last long. The high cost will help the paste resin price to stop falling and stabilize in January

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