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On August 3, the AQSIQ announced the results of the recent law enforcement inspection of eight categories of indoor decoration products, including wood furniture, wood-based panels, interior wall coatings and fire-proof panels. The results showed that the emission of harmful substances such as formaldehyde from indoor decoration and decoration products exceeded the standard. The reporter then visited the decoration markets in Beijing and found that the supervision of regular large-scale stores was significantly better than that of remote stores

the release of harmful substances exceeded the standard seriously

it is reported that from July 25 to 31, a week-long centralized inspection campaign for decoration products was carried out across the country. During the "centralized Action Week", law enforcement officers inspected 7242 decoration and decoration product production enterprises across the country and investigated 106 cases. According to yanfengmin, deputy director of the law enforcement department of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the problem of unlicensed production still exists; The problem of excessive release of formaldehyde and other harmful substances from products produced by illegal enterprises is relatively prominent; The illegal act of counterfeiting famous and high-quality enterprise brands still exists

according to Yan Fengmin, this concentrated action is an important part of the special law enforcement action of "fresh room", which was jointly launched by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the State Administration for Industry and commerce. During the event, the three departments will inspect the illegal acts of manufacturing, selling and using fake and inferior decoration materials in key areas, key markets and key construction sites

regular stores have clear regulations on environmental protection

the reporter visited a simple home market outside the North Fifth Ring Road and found that the market did not have a clear prompt for environmental protection issues, and the merchants selling plates also directly piled the plates. A merchant told a reporter who pretended to buy plates that the plates were absolutely environmental friendly, but when the reporter asked for a test report and relevant certificates, the merchant could not take them out. In response to the question, the merchant promised, "I've been here for a long time, and you can come to me if you have any problems."

at the Red Star Macalline (check the map) North Beach store, the merchants stationed on the site obviously pay attention to environmental protection. Egger flooring salesperson told reporters that consumers pay special attention to environmental protection issues, especially formaldehyde release, and often ask to see the test report, and some will spend their own money to test the indoor air. The salesperson said that the products of brand merchants will be guaranteed, and they can provide complete relevant reports. Consumers are also more assured that there will be no problems in testing. It is reported that at present, Beijing's regular home shopping malls have clear regulations on environmental protection issues, and the compensation system and punishment system are relatively perfect





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