All my efforts are for one sentence. I didn't expe

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Everyone said that this is an era of impetuosity. We are eager to live as we want, but we can't calm down to pursue our dreams

everyone says that this is an era of impetuosity. We are eager to live as we want, but we can't calm down to pursue our dreams. We envy others to stand out, and sigh that our talents are not met. Is it because those people are lucky, or are they good at accumulation? Once the time is ripe, they will emerge

today, when variety shows dominate the screen, the Chinese poetry conference and the reader are a clear stream in the variety industry. This kind of reading program allows the audience to review the classics, return to poetic life, and let the host Dong Qing's intellectual charm shine

among many excellent top-notch CCTV hosts, how did Dong Qing amaze the national audience? She presided over the "poetry conference", with a solid knowledge reserve, appropriate famous sentences and a brilliant summary of ancient and modern times, to show a deep literary literacy and cultural heritage, so that the audience and players admire and worship

although the hosts have received various professional training, such a rich accumulation of poetry, such as the natural response like flowing clouds and water, can not be achieved in a moment or a few nights. Such a handy, are focused on the calm after precipitation

Dong Qing liked to copy and recite ancient poems since childhood; In middle school, I read a famous book in three to five days and developed good reading habits. Although she was busy after work, she never forgot to read and study. She not only went to college one after another, but also insisted on reading for an hour every day, and never took her mobile phone into her bedroom. In this age, it is really not easy to read books every day

for 22 years, she has been cultivating her internal skills to make her better in the Chinese poetry conference and the reader. When she presided over the program, her eloquence was not the skilled expression of reciting lines, but the hard accumulation of years, thick accumulation and thin hair

"I've known you for so long, I didn't expect you to be so powerful!" When someone said this to me, I knew my efforts were not in vain, and I succeeded

some people say that 40mm thick wooden door is enough. We have been silently adhering to the door thickness of 50mm. I'm very happy. Now many new customers come to see the wooden door of nature's home at the homes of friends and relatives. "High quality and texture" is their first feeling about the wooden door of nature, "sound insulation and durability" is the most used comment in the comments of their friends and relatives. I know that our insistence was not in vain. We did it




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