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Nowadays, due to the high price of houses, many users are more attentive in decorating their rooms, especially in the living room with a large range. Every detail can not be ignored. For example, the ceiling, which is the symbol of heaven, will directly affect house transportation and mental health if the layout is unlucky. For the ceiling, it is appropriate to set a concave position, and the color should not be too heavy, which is more conducive to the prosperity of house people, and so on, The following editor will explain in detail the importance of Feng Shui on the ceiling of the living room, hoping to provide some help for your decoration

Feng Shui on the ceiling of the living room pays attention to

first, color tone

for this area, it is like the sky in the home, while the ground is the ground. Therefore, if the color tone of the ceiling is too heavy, it is easy to form a top heavy feeling, and it does not conform to the principle of light sky and heavy ground. Therefore, it is easy to choose light colors, such as light blue, white, etc., when laying out the ceiling, And the floor can use relatively heavy colors

II. Height

if the height of this area is too low, you can choose the style of high in the middle and low on four sides in the layout, so that the overall look will be much more comfortable. At the same time, this pattern also looks like Tianchi, which has the effect of collecting water and wealth. Therefore, you might as well use the ceiling shape of Tianchi, which is of great benefit to the house. Of course, if it is appropriate, you can also choose crystal chandeliers appropriately to achieve the finishing touch

III. chandelier

in order to make the house look taller, most homeowners will choose to place a gorgeous lamp in the hall, but this kind of lamp must be bright enough, and it is best to choose a round one, because it has a smooth and complete meaning, which can make the career more harmonious and the family relationship more harmonious

IV. ceiling

as a place to rest, if the ceiling is set with square words, it will become a “ Prisoner ” The word "Yu Gu Sha" means that people in the family are easy to go astray, and their careers are often dangerous, and they are afraid all day. In addition, the fishbone Sha ceiling can't be used either, otherwise it will be very detrimental to their family's career and financial fortunes. Therefore, these two types of ceiling are extremely poor, so we must choose carefully

how to decorate the ceiling of the living room

first, the ceiling should be designed with “ Tianchi &rdquo

because the floors of modern rooms are relatively low, if the roof is pressed too low, it is easy to produce a strong sense of coercion, which makes the bedroom feel depressed and bored. At this time, the false ceiling with low sides and high middle can be used to decorate, which not only blocks the beams and sharp corners of the roof, but also helps to attract wealth

second, the lighting is not good. It is advisable to hide a few fluorescent lamps on the ceiling.

generally speaking, if the lighting in the hall is poor, it is often the lack of sunlight, which makes the whole atmosphere dead. If this situation occurs, you can hide fluorescent lamps in the wooden slots on the four sides of the ceiling to remedy it. This measure is most suitable for the living room that lacks natural light

summary: the above is the introduction of the article about the stress of Feng Shui on the ceiling of the living room. I believe most readers have a further understanding of the stress of Feng Shui on the ceiling of the living room. Of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, you are welcome to consult the editor at any time




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