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What decoration, generally speaking, repair is to put all kinds of situations in life " Materialization " In the room, the design of the general room that you buy has been completed, so you can't make major adjustments, so the rest can be moved is the decoration. Take a look at the decoration style of awesome in 2011

" Life is short, I am willing to make mistakes with you &hellip& hellip;& quot; The new year's film "if you are the one 2" brings us more reflection on life and feelings of marriage and family that are more important than career and money. The popular trend of home decoration in 2011 is similar to the perception of emotion and life in the film. The choice of home decoration style stems from the lifestyle suitable for you

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decoration style comes from life

Yin Liwei, the designer of Dongyirisheng, said that different styles reflect different people's lifestyles. For example, the urban natural style is suitable for people who advocate freedom, freedom and travel. With modern and simple shapes and primitive and fresh colors, it creates a touch of elegant comfort in urban life, and the biggest highlight of this style comes from a large number of blank positions, It needs to be filled with tourism ornaments and small objects full of memory. This attitude of understanding and enjoying life can be perfectly integrated with the home decoration style

in addition, each popular style can find the corresponding group needs. For example, elegant white tone is only for elegant women full of noble temperament, with white as the distinctive theme, refusing dazzling colors, and a calm and elegant atmosphere comes to your face; Elegance is suitable for people in literary and art circles and educational circles. It is a warm but relatively simple design style that pays attention to taste and emphasizes comfort and life

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for the ancient city of Xi'an, which is simple and mellow, with a thick history and a strong cultural atmosphere, the neoclassical style, with its classical charm, modern fashion, luxury and elegance in one decoration style, will become the popular trend of home decoration in 2011. The popularity of this classical style also affects the furniture industry. After adding floors to the store in the southern suburb of Daming Palace, it can be seen that it is mainly engaged in Chinese furniture




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