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Simplicity is not equal to simplicity. Sometimes the modern simplicity style that seems to be pure and broken can actually test the designer's grasp of color and lines when it is really designed. Of course, many small and medium-sized houses and home decoration will also choose modern simplicity as their first choice. Recently, Ms. Xiong from China Railway Century Golden Bridge left a message through the decoration bidding, asking us to recommend a model room with fashionable, modern and simple style for her reference. For this reason, the editor specially arranged such a simple style. Let's have a look

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[the 94 square meter apartment model of China Railway Century Golden Bridge is shown below]

apartment structure: three bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom

style: Modern and simple

decoration method: all inclusive

cost: 110000

[China Railway Century Golden Bridge 94 square meters modern simple style decoration model room display]

modern simple living room:

in such a quiet, the "beauty" of the living room is reflected in the seemingly gray middle tone. Everything is quiet, quietly releasing the most simple shock and inner elegance, as if you were quiet in the center

modern simple restaurant:

the decoration of the restaurant is simple and common, and the fashionable gray system shows a touching "fashion". The most conspicuous thing is the chandelier on the top. It looks like a crystal ball from a distance, adding a little refinement to the simple living room

modern simple living room:

modern simple style is very particular about the control of lines and spatial pattern. Unlike the previous TV background wall, behind this marble background wall is an isolated leisure area and study, revealing a sense of mystery and very chic

modern simple porch:

the direction of the porch hanging cabinet guides the entrance. The shape is simple, but it is rich in a sense of hierarchy, and the walkway echoes the lines of the porch, making people's visual level more profound

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