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Agilent's testing innovation won industrial awards in two important exhibitions

Agilent Technology (nyse:a) recently announced that the company's recently launched testing innovation won several industrial awards in two important exhibitions in April

at nepconshanghai2008, agilentmedalistx6000 automatic X-ray testing solution won the second smtchina Vision Award for testing (Axi category) issued by smtchina magazine. Earlier this year, medalistx6000 also won the honorary award of the best test award of testandmeasurementworld magazine in 2008

as a component of the medalistvtepv2.0 power supply vector free test suite, Agilent network parameter measurement technology announced by conch profile also won the electronic manufacturing (EM) Asian Innovation Award in the test system/equipment category on nepconshanghai2008

agilent's coverage expansion technology is the latest limited access solution added to the vtepv2.0 power supply suite, and was selected as the winner of the IPC Innovation Technology Center award at the apex exhibition in Las Vegas

industry leading publications and organizations award these awards to the most innovative technologies, applications, products and services in the market

nkchari, marketing director of Agilent measurement system department, said: "as the industry recognizes our innovation in the field of testing, I am deeply honored to take improving the overall technical level of the industry as the guide. We want to launch the most complete set of testing solutions through continuous innovation to help manufacturers cope with technical and business challenges."

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agilentmedalistx6000 automatic X-ray detection system is the world's fastest 3-daxi solution. It can reduce conversion costs and capital investment. Domestic enterprises, scientific research institutions and other enterprises and institutions gradually begin to enter the independent research and development of products in this field, and improve the defect coverage to more than 95%

agilentmedalistvtepv2.0 powered vector free test suite is a leading test Arsenal when manufacturers are looking for a common tool suite to overcome various limited access problems. It includes another award-winning technology, ivtep, which can be used to test devices in ultra small packages, as well as network parameter measurement and coverage expansion

agilent also provides industry-leading automatic solder paste and optical detection solutions, such as next-generation optical systems, low contrast component positioning, solid-state modeling models, and improved solder paste analysis algorithms. In the AOI industry, these capabilities can help manufacturers provide the highest fault coverage, speed and flexibility

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