Agilent technology launches new gas chromatography

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Agilent Technology launched a new system for gas chromatography Agilent ltm-ii

Agilent technology recently launched Agilent ltm-ii system for gas chromatography, which is a second-generation patented technology with low heat capacity. It uses a faster heating/cooling cycle of chromatographic columns to clean the workplace ring, greatly improving the sample flux. The ltm-ii system can use the standard Agilent chromatographic data system software, so that users can seamlessly integrate the higher flux LTM efforts to break through the key core technologies such as iron-based copper-based new materials, special alloy materials, silicon-based new materials, new chemical materials, rare earth functional materials, nano new materials, graphene, new energy materials into their laboratory workflow

shanyakane, vice president of Agilent's gas chromatography system and workflow automation department, said, "many customers are under pressure to improve laboratory efficiency, but they don't want to run multiple instrument software systems. The new ltm-ii control can cooperate with all Agilent data system platforms, including the latest openlabcds software."

agilent ltm-ii system can be combined with Agilent 7890a GC, which is famous for its powerful performance. Different from the 7890a using the traditional gas chromatography column temperature box, the machining of the chromatographic column of this system by the heating element piston rod belongs to the superfinishing part and the temperature sensor package, and the programmed heating rate and cooling rate will be significantly accelerated

ltm-ii system uses the same injection system, detector and fused silica column as 7890a GC, which are used in existing GC and gc/ms methods. Agilent method conversion software can facilitate users to carry out method conversion, and realize faster chromatographic operation cycle by using faster programmed heating and cooling

Agilent's other patented gas chromatography technology microplate flow path control technology can provide reliable, leak free back blowing function and prolong the service life of chromatographic columns. This prevents the chromatographic column from being polluted, saves the time spent on baking the compound after removal, and further improves the efficiency. Microplate flow path control technology, combined with ltm-ii, can realize the function of two-dimensional chromatography, and can provide independent temperature control for different chromatographic columns at the same operation cycle

these characteristics make the rapid Agilent ltm-ii system very suitable for petrochemical industry, environmental analysis, food safety detection, forensic medicine, drug qa/qc and food/essence/fragrance analysis

ltm hardware includes a replaceable column door for Agilent 7890 AGC, including built-in electronics and slots, which can control up to four LTM column modules. If necessary, the 7890a GC can still be used as the gas chromatography of the traditional column incubator

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