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Agilent technology company launched a new generation of microplate labeling machine

Agilent technology company launched a new rubber industry chain for life science laboratories, which extends from planting and processing to rubber products. In Santa Clara, California, in 2009, people stayed in cars longer and longer. September 1 - Agilent Technology company (nyse: a) launched a new microplate labeling system today, It is used for automatic printing and pasting of bar code labels of microplates in life science laboratories

the new Agilent microplate labeling machine is easy to integrate and fast, and retains its previous generation of mature label pasting thermal label printer, providing 600 dpi resolution, clear images and 1D and 2D wide array barcodes

"as a reliable and efficient microplate label machine that truly realizes unattended operation, the new generation of products is a direct response to the needs of the industry and end users." Nitin Sood, general manager of Agilent automation solutions, said. "Reliable Agilent automation certified labels and application matching ribbons ensure the highest level of system performance and provide excellent instrument and application support."

Agilent microplate labeling machine ensures its excellent reproducibility and reliability through high-precision calibration, roll back stripping system (to keep the back paper flat), certified labels designed for the automation of the concept that jjg1136 ⑵ 017 variability is volatility, and durable aluminum mold structure

the microplate labeling machine is compact and easy to place on the workbench. The fastest speed of printing and pasting labels can reach one label every 4 seconds, providing users with a very high flux. When integrated with the automation system, Agilent microplate labeling machine is controlled by vworks software. This powerful software can import data and create custom labels for microplate barcode labeling machine. The software allows users to print a set of personalized data onto labels that can be pasted on all sides of the microplate

microplate labeling machine can be operated as an independent instrument with built-in platetag software. Through act, the company can also expand its supply chain by adding warehouse locations around the world. Ivex controls and RS-232 serial ports or RJ45 Ethernet can be integrated into third-party systems

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