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FAW Xichai Aowei: light up the brilliance of national brand to create "core"

FAW Xichai Aowei: light up the brilliance of national brand to create "core"

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nowadays, "appearance" is more and more important, and craftsman "core" determines the connotation

at present, whether you are in the sandy desert hinterland or on the modern high-speed logistics line, you can see the majestic posture of Jiefang J6 pilot version, j6p northern version, jh6, j6m and other domestic latest heavy trucks that match the Xichai Aowei engine. Xichai Aowei engine has become the brand with the fastest growth rate in the domestic engine market and the highest user recognition. In January, the market share of Xichai Aowei engine in heavy machinery with more than 350 horsepower exceeded 24.9%, ranking first in the industry in one fell swoop. Among them, the sales volume of Aowei ca6dm increased by 10.9% year-on-year, and its share in the 11 liter market reached 50.2%, ranking first in the industry for three consecutive years, establishing a high-end image of Chinese national brand

"super heart" has a loud reputation

came into being and took advantage of the situation

as the "super heart" of the upgraded northern version of the high-value Jiefang j6p420, the six characteristics of the high-power, high torque, low emission, low noise, low fuel consumption and long life of the Xichai Aowei engine have formed a loud reputation among northern users -

at the recent launch of the upgraded northern version of FAW Jiefang j6p420 equipped with the 11 liter Xichai Aowei engine in Shijiazhuang, Xichai Aowei 11 liter engine shook the whole city with its unique quality and charm, and was widely praised by the users present. Finally, the scene detonated the whole audience with a trading volume of 300 units

"the newly upgraded Xichai Aowei 11L 420 HP national fourth engine is more reliable, with standard engine braking, no 'drenching' when going down long slopes, and reducing the use frequency of service braking, which ensures safety." Many users reported that the northern region is cold in winter, and the braking safety is very critical. The Jiefang j6p420 upgraded northern tractor equipped with Xichai Aowei 11 liter engine also has the prominent features of more money saving, more reliable, more comfortable and more adaptive on the basis of safety, reliability and fuel saving. In particular, the 11 liter 420 HP engine of Xichai Aowei matched with this model has a torque of 2100n*m, which is 15% higher than that of similar products. It uses two gears less for starting and climbing; The engine has a higher power rise of 27.9, which is equivalent to the T-Power of cars, and has the general ability of high-speed, flat road, mountainous and other composite road conditions, which fully meets the needs of users. At present, it has become a hot model in northern China

"super heart" is booming

it has been honed for a long time and is not afraid of the cold. The scenery here is unique

although the continuous snowfall has caused the temperature in northern China to drop sharply and increased the travel pressure, at the FAW Jiefang user group purchase meeting held in Zhoukou, Henan Province, a few days ago, many Jiefang users came here with thick snow. The atmosphere of the on-site car ordering process was hot, and 342 Jiefang j6p tractors matching Aowei's 11 liter engine achieved amazing sales in a short time

"the Jiefang j6p tractor of Aowei 11 liter engine not only continues the advanced design concept and manufacturing process of J6 series, but also gives Aowei 11 liter engine J6 series the most fuel-efficient, highly reliable, safer and other outstanding advantages!" With the prospect and sustenance at the brand level, and the interpretation and cognition at the product level, more and more users now recognize the liberation j6p car of Aowei machine. On the day of the FAW Jiefang j6p 11L High-power Tractor promotion conference held in Linfen, Shanxi Province on November 20, many users were enthusiastic and queued up to buy cars. Some people ordered dozens of cars at one time, and finally 208 cars were sold, which once again set off a rush to buy Jiefang J6 that matched the 11 liter Xichai Aowei engine

it is reported that Jiefang j6p, which matches the 11 liter engine of Xichai Aowei this year, has a firm leading position in Anhui, Shandong, Henan, Liaoning and other markets with excellent quality and the trust and support of the majority of users. Especially in the northern Anhui market, the market share of Jiefang tractor accounts for more than 60%, of which j6p 420 HP 6 is matched with Xichai Aowei 11 liter engine × 4. The market share of 11L tractor is as high as 70%

"super heart" and "wisdom" lead the way

see "belonging" in "benevolence management"

"we know from the mechanics of materials that the maintenance cycle of the new version of Xichai Aowei 11L national four machine has been increased to 100000 kilometers to replace the lubricating oil, which saves time and money. We like it!" On March 7 this year, the liberation J6 pilot version, which is equipped with xi'chai Aowei 11 liter aircraft, shocked the listing and redefined it with false advertisements: "telling stories" may be punished in the future. The quality charm has made the market share of xi'chai Aowei 11 liter aircraft rise sharply. At present, J6 pilot version has distinct product advantages, Word of mouth continues to improve -

"finally, it's time for you! To buy a heavy truck, we need to buy a Jiefang J6 pilot car equipped with an 11 liter engine of Xichai Aowei. We believe in the quality of FAW". "The fuel-saving performance is far ahead of other brands. The liter power of Aowei 11L machine is as high as 30.7, and the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is l lower than that of competing products. It is energy-saving and fuel-efficient. You can earn money if you buy it!" At the second J6 pilot product promotion conference held in Fuyang, Anhui Province this year, many users came to order cars with cash and ordered 720 units on site; The two launch ceremonies held in Linyi, Shandong Province, also received 790 orders for Jiefang J6 pilot version of Xichai Aowei 11 liter aircraft; The two J6 pilot tractor product promotion conferences held in Suihua, Heilongjiang, also achieved a good result of 288 vehicles. What is more surprising is that at the launch ceremony of J6 pilot version products with the theme of "J6 pilot version, efficient logistics standard" held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province this year, the scene was even more delighted to learn that the order for 115 J6 pilot cars...

behind the popularity of FAW Xichai Aowei 11 liter engine in the market, its products are inseparable from its ultra-high scientific and technological content and awesome product quality

"super heart" vigorously saves oil

those who get the "heart" win the world

Jiefang jh6, which is majestic in appearance and equipped with Xichai Aowei machine, is a domestic lightest self weight high-end heavy truck launched by FAW Jiefang heavyweight this year. Its product positioning is higher than that of Jiefang J6, which is generally used by customers to make anchor chains, and lower than that of Jiefang J7 in the future. This model, with its six product advantages of high reliability, high safety, high comfort, low fuel consumption, low self weight and low maintenance cost, as well as the core technology of the 100000 km super long maintenance mileage of the three major assemblies of engine, gearbox and rear axle, which was first launched in the industry, is the most competitive product in the heavy truck market. Once it was launched on the market, it occupied its inherent advantages -

on December 4, the temperature in Shenyang, Liaoning Province fell to minus 20 degrees on that day, However, at the product promotion meeting of FAW Jiefang jh6 held by CIMC logistics park in Shenyang, customers braved the cold and came from all regions around Liaoning Province. More and more users ordered cars on site. It is surprising that two customers took away two Jiefang jh6 equipped with Xichai Aowei machine in full on site

"Xichai Aowei engine adopts the most advanced four valve engine technology and intelligent electronic control data calibration technology, ensuring its industry-leading level of fuel saving for 100 kilometers." What's more gratifying is that at the FAW Jiefang jh6 tractor promotion conference held at Zhengzhou railway station a few days ago, a new performance of 78 vehicles was achieved on the spot! The reliability and popularity of jh6 tractor equipped with Xichai Aowei machine were once again demonstrated

"the torque of Xichai Aowei engine at 800r/min is as high as 1100n · m, which is at the domestic leading level. It will be easier to start with heavy load and speed up overtaking, which will greatly improve the operation efficiency of the whole vehicle. It can achieve the most user benefits, and the waste plastic recycling plant is not much." On October 11, on the day of the new car promotion conference of FAW Jiefang jh6 held in Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province, a famous commodity grain base in China and known as the cold land and black soil, the Jiefang jh6 model equipped with Xichai Aowei 11L engine received an order of 198 units...

only when the sky is healthy and the terrain is Kun, can it last forever. Facts have proved that as the heart of liberating heavy trucks, the "6m" feature of "greater torque, longer service life, stronger safety, lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and stronger adaptability" of Xichai Aowei 11L engine has been absolutely recognized by users after years of market certification. In particular, Xichai Aowei engine adopts the world's most advanced four valve overhead camshaft structure and unique fcct combustion control technology to ensure sufficient air supply and sufficient fuel atomization; Inject the best amount of fuel at the best time and at the best spatial position of the combustion chamber to achieve the effect of complete combustion, realize the powerful and fuel-efficient engine, light up the national brand, and create the brilliance of "core"

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