Agilent pre released 1290 at the 17th chromatograp

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Agilent pre released 1290 infinity LC

at the 17th chromatography conference. From April 19 to 21, 2009, the 17th National chromatography academic conference and Instrument Exhibition of China chromatography society was grandly opened in Fenglin Hotel, Changsha, Hunan Province. During this period, Agilent technology company carried out academic activities in this form, fully communicated with the majority of chromatographic experts and analysts, and jointly held a reception dinner with the Chinese chromatographic society in the banquet hall of Sheraton Hotel on April 19. The attending directors and the General Assembly will have different product shapes, and about 150 representatives and local users in Hunan will be invited to attend

with the theme of "science and technology · innovation · future", the dinner opened with the short film "Agilent wins in China". The magnificent short film led all guests to review the development history and brilliant achievements of Agilent in China for ten years, and focused on the extensive technical cooperation with China's analytical instrument industry, especially the chromatography industry. At the end of the short film, the visually striking picture shows that Agilent will "surpass dreams and forge the future" with the style of "user satisfaction first, market share first" as the leader of the analytical instrument industry. The guests couldn't help applauding the development of chromatographic technology in China and the growth of Agilent technology

after the short film, Ms. Mou Yiping, general manager of Greater China, delivered a speech, congratulating the successful convening of the 17th National chromatography academic conference and Instrument Exhibition, and pre released the agilent1290infinity liquid chromatography system and agilent7100 capillary electrophoresis instrument, which will be launched synchronously worldwide on April 28. As a gift, it must be replaced immediately after the instigator alarms; To the annual meeting of Chinese chromatographic society. "In October last year, academician Lu Peizhang asked me when Agilent could produce a liquid chromatography with more than 15000psi? Today, I am honored and happy to give this gift to all experts and teachers in China's chromatography industry at the national chromatography conference. We believe that all the debates about UHPLC will end on April 28.". Ms. Mou Yiping introduced the performance of the two instruments that will be launched soon to the guest Dongqing company, making full use of the technical advantages of national high-tech enterprises, and hoped that Chinese users would become the first users of this new instrument in the world. All the guests present were attracted by the new performance of the two new instruments and expressed their full expectations for the new instruments

academician lupeizhang was very satisfied with this "gift", and said in his speech, "many years ago, I went to Agilent's factory in Germany, and I was good friends with many experts of Agilent. At that time, we discussed many technical problems about liquid chromatography, and I was also very happy to see the rapid development of chromatography technology in China over the years." Finally, academician Lu said that he expected to visit Agilent's new factory again and see more Agilent's advanced analytical instruments available

academician Zhang Yukui then delivered a speech, praising Agilent's leading technology and support for the development of chromatographic technology in China, and said that he was looking forward to seeing this new instrument as soon as possible

this time, new friends and old friends gathered together. Agilent also invited professional actors to perform. Wonderful programs continued to win applause from guests. The live interaction between magicians and guests made the dinner climax again and again

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