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FAW Xichai: intensive cultivation of the market to win the opening battle of 2014

FAW Xichai: intensive cultivation of the market to win the opening battle of 2014

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Guide: since this year, FAW Jiefang Xichai has faced fierce market competition, deployed in advance, acted quickly, paid attention to processes and talents with new ideas, new measures and new aspects, and strived for innovative performance. From January to February, the output of Wuxi Diesel Engine increased by 12% year-on-year, and the sales volume increased by 16.7% year-on-year. From the orders received and the current production scheduling

since this year, many people may have doubts that in the face of fierce market competition, FAW Jiefang Xichai has deployed in advance and acted quickly to strive for innovative performance with new ideas, new measures and new faces

from January to February, the output of tin diesel engine increased by 12% year-on-year, and the sales volume increased by 16.7% year-on-year. From the orders received and the current production scheduling, the year-on-year growth of output and sales volume in March is expected to continue to grow. The good situation of booming production and marketing has laid a solid foundation for achieving the annual goal

plan and deploy work

coordinate resources, work in a multi pronged manner, set goals and seek layout. Xichai organically combines the current product promotion with long-term brand building to plan and deploy marketing services. Organize marketing personnel to conduct market research and analysis by sector, and decompose indicators according to the principles of share orientation and benefit orientation. Through "4p1s" benchmarking, the goal of increasing sales and share is implemented to specific vehicle manufacturers and dealers, and one-on-one strategies are formulated. Allocate personnel and resources according to the accurate calculation of the objectives and tasks of each overseas marketing service organization. Select strategic markets and potential markets, plan and hold promotion activities, innovate product publicity and market promotion methods, expand brand communication media and channels, so that the strong, fuel-efficient, reliable and other characteristics of Xichai engine are recognized and recognized by more users, and effectively improve brand awareness and reputation

aim at the market

take the initiative, take multiple measures at the same time, aim at the market and seek breakthroughs. The leaders of Xichai diesel plant took the initiative to visit major vehicle manufacturers such as Qingqi, liute, Jiangqi and heavy truck, and held talks and reached a consensus on deepening strategic cooperation. The sales, R & D and other departments follow up quickly, strengthen the technical docking and business connection, and synchronize the supporting development with the vehicle design, so as to give full play to the performance advantages of the engine on the vehicle; Analyze the purchase, sale, inventory and market share data of vehicle manufacturers and dealers every month, grasp the initiative of market development, and promote the improvement of product sales and share. In the face of the rapid increase in market volume, the production, procurement, quality, management and other departments of Wuxi Diesel respond quickly, promote the improvement of production capacity by optimizing production organization, strengthening equipment management and improving labor productivity, and strengthen quality control by standardizing process discipline, adding error proofing technology application points and other measures, so as to meet the market demand with quality and quantity. From January to February, the supporting share of Wuxi Diesel Engine in FAW market increased by 3 percentage points, and the sales volume increased by 43.6% year-on-year. The development of emerging markets also further expanded the fruits of the war, and the sales of diesel engines in the non Road market increased by 38.9% year-on-year

optimize services

system linkage, multi-point efforts, and focus on users to grab orders. Xichai works with the marketing agencies of Jiefang sales company and other vehicle manufacturers to optimize the layout of marketing service network, strengthen channel construction and terminal maintenance, and do a good job in information collection, product promotion and service guarantee. With exquisite technology, nano friction and wear testing machine, lean management and sincere attitude, we will provide "core service" to users of Xichai machine, help users check the running condition of the engine, carry out technical training for drivers and maintenance personnel, guide users to correctly maintain and maintain the engine, and provide users with safe driving reminders. While ensuring the safe use of Xichai products, we will make users experience "core service" to the greatest extent, Go with me all the way. Take the initiative to visit users with purchase intention, understand their personalized needs, guide users to make purchase plans, and win one order after another with the technical performance advantages of products and considerate service experience. Aowei 11 liter engine has won wide favor of users with its strong, fuel-efficient and reliable characteristics. The sales volume from January to February increased by 22 "year on year. Scientific research should not excessively seek short-term goals. 4%. The sales volume of other series of diesel engines also showed a rapid growth trend

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