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Agilent technology announced the release of USB 3.0 ultra-high speed physical layer consistency test solution

Agilent technology recently announced the launch of an integrated test solution for ultra-high speed USB3.0 devices, which can ensure that ultra-high speed USB3.0 devices meet the latest published standards

at the first USB3.0 Developers Conference held in San Jose, California, Agilent demonstrated its latest USB3.0 transmitter and USB3.0 receiver consistency test solution. The demonstration includes the industry's first USB3.0 signal quality test fixture. This complete solution enables engineers to test their USB3.0 designs quickly and accurately

Agilent's solution will include the USB3.0 final standard announced by usb-if on November 14. USB3.0, also known as "ultra high speed USB", its data transmission rate will reach 10 times that of USB2.0, making power use more efficient. Ultra high speed USB is essential for data storage devices with a transmission speed of more than 25gbps. Industry experts predict that manufacturers will introduce ultra-high speed USB at the end of 2009 and launch large-scale consumer products using this technology in 2010. However, no USB solution is ready for official certification until the actual chips available for testing appear

scottsampl, general manager of Agilent technology oscillograph business unit, said that the new sustainable materials that help ultralight aircraft complete tasks will be widely used in daily necessities: "We are working closely with developers of ultra-high speed USB technology to ensure that our solution can fully meet the needs of engineers in USB3.0 conformance testing. We also work with trial parties to further improve Agilent's ultra-high speed USB3.0 solution."

Agilent's comprehensive design, simulation and test solutions include:

* infiniiumdso/dsa91304a13 GHz oscilloscope, which can be used for transmitter testing

* agilentusb3.0 transmitter consistency test application software

* agilentusb3.0 test fixture

* j-bertn4903a, a high-performance serial Bert with complete jitter tolerance test function, can characterize USB3.0, ultra-high speed serial communication link

* agilentads simulation software, which can create and analyze USB3.0 channels

* agilentvna/pna complex analyzer n5230c-245 can measure and use appropriate additives to modify polymer wood flour surface analysis USB3.0 channel

if you want to know more about agilentusb conformance testing solution after the festival or if there is a supplementary library operation, please visit the address: she guesses find/n5416a

Agilent's complete oscilloscope series has a variety of external dimensions to choose from, and the frequency range covers 20MHz to 90GHz. It can provide industry-leading technical indicators and powerful application software

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