Agilent launched the industry's first signal gener

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Agilent launched the industry's first signal generation and analysis solution

Beijing, March 1, 2011 - Agilent technology company (nyse:a) launched a solution dedicated to LTE advanced signal generation and signal analysis, further consolidating Agilent's leadership in the field of LTE testing. Both solutions were exhibited at the global mobile communications conference in Barcelona from February 14 to 17

lte advanced is the evolution of LTE, which was first defined as part of the 10th edition of 3GPP standard. LTE advanced introduces some new technologies, which can support downlink with peak data rate up to 1 Gbps and uplink with peak data rate up to 500 Mbps. In order to achieve the highest data rate, LTE advanced aggregates five component carriers with a bandwidth of 20MHz, which can support a bandwidth of 100MHz at most

guy s é n é, vice president of Agilent and general manager of microwave and communications division, said: "as a globally recognized leading LTE solution provider, Agilent is developing new 4G LTE technology (LTE advanced) It plays an important role in the formulation, revision and implementation of standards. The first LTE advanced signal generation and signal analysis tool launched by Agilent in the industry further complements Agilent's comprehensive LTE solution product line, and once again shows Agilent's determination to actively and strive to guide the evolution of LTE to 4G technology. "

Agilent's new signal studio and 89600b vector signal analysis software for LTE advanced support FDD and TDD signal generation and analysis in line with 3GPP version 10 standard. With the help of the above solutions, design engineers can immediately start testing the physical layer of LTE advanced devices, deeply analyze the design, and increase confidence in the design

new signal studio and 89600b VSB are calibrated with standard materials or reference standards; A software mainly includes the following features:

provide FDD and TDD signals that conform to the uplink and downlink signal configuration of 3GPP version 10

with the help of Agilent MXG vector signal generator and a with an analysis bandwidth of up to 140 MHz, a microcomputer controlled all digital broadband electrohydraulic servo valve gilent PXA signal analyzer is used to aggregate continuous and discontinuous carrier components, which can support an i/q bandwidth of up to 100MHz

all component carriers can set parameters independently, including all LTE advanced specified bandwidths or modulation types

up to 5 component carriers can be analyzed at the same time (the unique characteristics of Agilent 89600b), and a wide range of measurement function options (including EVM and CCDF) can be used to diagnose the fault of each component carrier

enhanced uplink SC-FDMA and simultaneous control and data channel (PUCCH and Pusch) support

carrier aggregation faces many design and test challenges, one of which is that discontinuous configuration requires multiple transmit and receive links in user equipment and ENB. For single band discontinuous configuration, PXA's 140mhz analysis bandwidth is combined with Agilent 89600b multi-component carrier simultaneous analysis function, which can support engineers to test multiple transmit or receive links at the same time, so as to obtain more in-depth analysis

scope of application

Agilent signal Studio software for LTE advanced signal generation currently supports 3GPP LTE FDD (n7624b) and 3GPP LTE TDD (n7625b). Join the Agilent early trial program to get the Agilent 89600b VSA LTE advanced option trial opportunity

for more information about Agilent LTE advanced signal generation and analysis solutions, please visit:. For pictures of the new LTE advanced signal studio and 89600b VSA software, visit:

in the above example, it can be found that after the combination of UV stabilizer and hindered amine light stabilizer with jedega formula, Agilent 3GPP LTE test

Agilent provides a comprehensive LTE solution. In addition to addressing the LTE foundation and testing challenges, Agilent also provides the resources needed for in-depth understanding of LTE technical information. By actively participating in the formulation and modification of LTE standards, Agilent can provide leading products to help customers have an in-depth understanding of LTE devices in the design, conformance testing, manufacturing and deployment stages

about Agilent technology

Agilent technology company (nyse:a) is a leading testing and measurement company in the world, and also a technology leader in the fields of communication, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis. The company has 18500 employees in more than 100 countries around the world, providing excellent services to customers. In fiscal year 2010, Agilent's net income reached $5.4 billion. For more information about Agilent, please visit

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