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FAW Xichai: take a long-term view of the overall situation

FAW Xichai: take a long-term view of the overall situation

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just in the past 3.15 international consumer rights day, FAW Jiefang Xichai invited more than 20 central and industry mainstream media, such as people's daily, Guangming Daily, China Quality Daily, and China auto news, to hold a meeting with the theme of "core quality, a total appreciation", Witness the birth process of high-quality products of Xichai with mainstream media, deeply experience the system ability of Xichai, and show the outside world the all-round growth process of liberating Xichai, opening the oil return valve and making the piston fall back to "national brand, high-end power"

3.15 in this sensitive day that many enterprises are afraid to avoid, why does Jiefang Xichai dare to take the initiative to open the door? What kind of confidence, confidence and strength is behind it

witness the truth, see the "truth", and the true "core" is not afraid of fire refining

sales data show that in this month, the sales volume of Jiefang Xichai diesel engine reached 51700 units, an increase of 33% year-on-year, of which the sales of Aowei engine was 31700 units, an increase of 130% year-on-year. Jiefang Xichai has ranked first in the domestic market share of heavy-duty engines with more than 350 horsepower for three consecutive years. Aowei 11 liter engine has an overwhelming advantage in the PK with international first-line brands, with a market share of 66.5%. What makes Jiefang Xichai Aowei engine stand out from the homogeneous products with such fierce market competition

the Jiefang Xichai Huishan base, which mainly produces orway engines, integrates the advantages of world-famous engine factories for lean design and construction, and the equipment is mostly imported from the United States, Germany and other countries. The automation rate of 179 stations in the general assembly line is 28%; There are 60 machining processes, and the automation rate is as high as 78%. In addition to having world-class production equipment, Jiefang Xichai has made great efforts in product research and development with compact structure and reasonable layout. As one of the few enterprises with positive development ability in China, Jiefang Xichai wants to meet the needs of users and has launched a ca6dm2 heavy-duty diesel engine with the characteristics of high power, long oil change and long three guarantees, which is called the new standard for redefining the heavy truck industry in the industry

Aowei ca6dm2 series heavy-duty diesel engine has five technical advantages: first, high power, low speed, high torque and strong power. Its maximum power is up to 460 horsepower and maximum torque is up to 2100 N.M. it has a golden displacement of 11 liters, with strong power output and more powerful high-speed and heavy load. Low speed and high torque, which can reach 91% of the maximum torque at 1000r/min, with better starting acceleration performance and mountain climbing performance; Second, long-distance oil change, leading 100000 km long oil change, low maintenance cost. The professional technical team spent 18 months on the research and development of special engine oil and machine filter, so that the products have super long service life, super strong filtration system and extremely low engine oil loss. Compared with ordinary models, the Aowei ca6dm2 series heavy-duty diesel engine can travel millions of kilometers and save nearly 40000 yuan in the full life cycle maintenance cost; Third, the long three guarantees, 36 months/unlimited mileage warranty, let users save money and worry. Intelligent manufacturing ensures the manufacturing level of high efficiency and high precision. With fine engineering, pay close attention to the parameter compliance rate of purchased parts and self-made parts, as well as the treatment of bumps and three leaks, so as to comprehensively ensure the product quality; Fourth, low fuel consumption, based on the advantages of energy conservation and efficiency, the fuel consumption level is leading in the industry. As the first heavy-duty diesel engine in China to adopt a four valve overhead camshaft, it meets the ultra-high burst pressure of more than 200bar, the fuel injection pressure is increased to 1800bar, the fuel utilization rate is high, and the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers can be saved by 3%-5% compared with the diesel engine of the same power; Fifth, it is safe enough to use advanced braking technology to escort users. The reliability of the new generation of independent rocker arm braking system is upgraded again, and all metal parts are rigidly connected, so it will not deform or wear during braking. The roller adopts forced lubrication, which makes the braking system more reliable

through on-site visits, the media felt the enterprising spirit of Xichai people, and witnessed the brilliant chapter of the continuous upgrading and innovation of Xichai products and the arduous struggle behind it. Xichai people have become a city with "wisdom" and worked together with "core", taking the lead in practicing intelligent manufacturing, adhering to advanced industry standards, implementing efficient and accurate management, and always implementing the development route of leveraging the market with intelligent manufacturing and winning the market with high-quality products

strong in quality, strong in domestic goods, and strong in China

in the past two years, with the national supply side structural reform and the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, many enterprises have accelerated the transformation and upgrading, and the export growth rate is slowing down; 3 pace. As the oldest engine manufacturing enterprise in China, how can Jiefang Xichai continuously improve itself and drive and lead the industry leading position with the upgrading of the demand side

first of all, the core of "core" power is "core" upgrading, vigorously developing intelligent manufacturing, and being the pioneer of supply side reform. This year, Jiefang Xichai will launch a driving behavior control system to analyze 14 kinds of fuel-efficient driving behaviors with software. It is expected that the system will be tried out after May; In the future, Jiefang Xichai will develop many new products. For heavy-duty engines, this year, it will launch a 13 liter engine with 500 horsepower, and next year, it will launch a 550 horsepower engine matching Jiefang J7. In terms of light engines, the 2.2-liter engine designed according to the best indicators in the world is expected to be put on the market by the end of next year

the second is the service upgrade of "core" experience. At the end of March, the fine core service brand promotion conference of FAW Jiefang Xichai Anhui service center was successfully held in Bengbu, Zhucheng, marking that Anhui card friends can also enjoy "special services"! This is the sixth Service Center invested and completed by FAW Xichai after the opening of Jiangsu Service Center in February. There are still three service centers to be opened nationwide and six are under preparation. Relevant leaders of the sales company said that in order to let the majority of users experience the "whole process customer care" of FAW Xichai's "core service" brand, a total of 30 service centers with such "special" service capabilities will be built during the 13th Five Year Plan period. Because, "the future is the era of service economy, service is a product, service is productivity!" With the continuous upgrading and efforts of the core service brand, we have made the commitment of "four reassurances" to users: reassurance of network support, reassurance of accessories, reassurance of technical support, reassurance of rapid response, and truly go deep into the hearts of users

once again, the environmental protection upgrade of "core" discovery. As we all know, one of the five development concepts of China's "13th five year plan" is "green". With the official implementation of the national five year plan, the existing market pattern has been profoundly changed, and the emission upgrading war has started. FAW Xichai has taken the lead in the national five year plan, showing the "core" power of environmental protection and energy conservation. In mid February, Dong Yang, executive vice president of the China Automobile Association, and his delegation came to investigate and encouraged Xichai to be a good leader of "green power". Taking advantage of the east wind of emission upgrading, FAW Xichai, which is responsible for environmental protection, made a green commitment. Energy conservation and emission reduction began with "core", and a strong "green gene" was implanted into its products with innovative technology, highlighting the product advantages of Xichai engine, which is "fuel-efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly", and bravely undertake the industry and society in the future emission upgrading. Before the official introduction of the national five-year plan, FAW Xichai, with a long-term strategic vision and an overall international vision, actively embarked on the national five-year diesel engine technology reserve and product research and development based on the mature national six DPF technology, and took the lead in completing the technical upgrading of 4dw platform products. At present, it can be mass produced on multi platform products, with thousands of vehicle announcements. Xichai Guowu diesel engine adopts the technical route of "egr+doc+dpf", which can realize accurate control, maintain the Brinell hardness value measured for 30s (seconds) to 120n/mm2 (MPA), and strictly control emissions. The engine DPF fully captures all carbon particles in the emissions, realizes active regeneration under certain conditions, oxidizes the carbon particles, and completes the green upgrade, which fully meets the stringent requirements of the national five regulations and the special Beijing five regulations

self-improvement, strong quality and supreme strength. It is precisely because of these characteristics that Xichai has not only achieved leaps and bounds in the global recession environment, but also quickly become a leader in the market segment, formed a unique core value and strong market competitiveness, and become a leader in the domestic engine industry. "The disease of exciting water. As for boulders." An enterprise quickly seizes the market opportunity and decides to go faster. Thick accumulation and thin hair decide to go further. In the increasingly fierce market competition, Xichai has kept pace with the times and stabilized the high-end of the value chain. It will eventually become bigger and stronger and become a "towering tree"

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