The hottest fasttag RFID technology solution

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Fast tag RFID technology solution

video fast tag RFID tag application equipment launched by vidige company provides an effective application solution for the RFID requirements of retailers such as Wal Mart. 3. They must use insulation protection measures

vidigit is a world leader in product identification systems. Recently, together with accu sort, the company has provided a complete RFID application system for packaging product manufacturers. Fast tag uses weidijie tag equipment, accu sort RFID reader and unqualified tag identification and discovery system to encode and apply RFID tags

Ian Carver, RFID product manager of VDJ, said: "The bad tag discovery and screening system reduces the cost of the application of the scheme and enables unqualified tags to be screened out before the goods flow to the supply chain. The system supports class0/0 + and Class1 tags, as well as upgraded tags of EPC standards. At present, this system has been adopted by many Wal Mart suppliers. As a supplier and service provider of RFID products, vidige has established its popularity and good reputation in the industry, and has established a good reputation with Sega The rapid development speed and the technical cooperation of accu sort, a well-known automatic identification supplier in the world, have increased the reliability for the improvement of RFID system. " Accu sort has the following in-depth research in RFID application: (1) the production of food related products should comply with laws, regulations and national food safety standards. At present, more than 30 sets of systems have been put into use. The cooperation with accu sort brings vidige more than 30 years of automatic identification technology experience in WMS and ERP system integration, which is expected to be in 2017

the reliability and quality of the fast tag system tag equipment produced by vidige have been proved in more than 4000 tag systems currently in use

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