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Recently, the Sijiazhuang criminal police squadron of the Public Security Bureau of Luquan District, Shijiazhuang city successfully cracked down a criminal gang specializing in stealing construction site clips and cables, arrested 3 suspect, and cracked 7 cases worth more than 100000 yuan. The crimes involved Yuhua District, Zhengding County, Luquan district and other regions. On February 12, Luquan police arrested three suspects according to law

scene: site theft cases occur frequently

since last October, Luquan District Public Security Bureau has received cases of buckle and cable theft from multiple construction sites under its jurisdiction. Sijiazhuang criminal police squadron went all out to solve the case. After retrieving a large number of site monitoring videos, the task force found that the suspect first adjusted the direction of the near end camera to avoid "coming out of the camera" after arriving at the site every time. In several remote monitoring, it was faintly seen that three people entered the site under the leadership of the thinner one to carry out theft. There was a motorized tricycle parked by the roadside, and the color was not recognizable

the police handling the case have investigated, visited and analyzed the case for many times, and determined that this series of cases should be committed by the same gang, and the gang has a clear division of labor, skilled techniques and strong anti investigation awareness, which once led to a low tide in the detection of the case. The police of the task force are divided into two groups, day and night. They patrol the construction site under their jurisdiction and along national highway 107 for 24 hours, and carry out the return visit to the construction site and the control work in key areas simultaneously

detection: the peak of case detection has changed

the police of the task force gave up the holiday break and did not give up the detection of the case. In late December, another case of cable theft occurred at a construction site under the jurisdiction. Unexpectedly, this case has a turning point for the police to detect a series of theft cases

it just snowed on the day of the crime, and the suspect's tricycle left clear car marks. After collecting the traces of the tires of the suspected vehicle at the stolen construction site under the jurisdiction, the police handling the case quickly transferred the monitoring of the construction site, and the surveillance video also clearly captured the suspect's appearance and the crime process. From the surveillance video, the police saw a red motorized tricycle parked outside the fence of the construction site. Four people on the car got off and looked around. Then three people climbed over the wall and entered the factory, and one person waited by the motorized tricycle outside the wall. Not long after, three people threw the stolen cable out of the wall, and the suspect waiting outside installed the cable into the car. After three trips, three people climbed over the wall and drove a tricycle north along Hongqi Street to escape the scene. While tracking along the road they fled, the police visited and identified the suspects in the video screenshot. The police who handled the case obtained nearly a hundred hours of monitoring and visited the masses, and finally found the hiding place of the suspect in Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang city. Remember to keep the experimental data

collect: suspects cannot escape law

the police handling the case mastered the suspect's hiding place, and quickly found out the real name of the suspect and the social relationship of the group of suspects led by Zhao

Zhao Mou (male, 48 years old), together with his son Zhao Qiang (25 years old), nephew Zhao Yang (27 years old) and neighbor Xiong Mou (male, 4 are pseudonyms, all of whom are Cai people from Zhumadian, Henan Province), committed theft

after observing the hiding place of the suspect, the police handling the case found no suspect except that the stolen goods were stored in the hospital. In order not to scare the snake, the task force arranged the police to wait in the pit while the instructor zhangzhongsheng and Deputy squadron leader Chen Feng led the police to the suspect's hometown Shangcai County, Zhumadian, Henan Province to look for the trace of the suspect. Through careful inspection, it was determined that the four suspects did not return to their hometown at all. Through careful visits, the police learned that the four suspects had four residences and were often not together except when they committed the crime, which made it difficult to arrest them. The task force formulated a detailed arrest plan. In the early morning of January 7, the special task force soldiers arrested three suspect in four ways, except for Xiong, who absconded

according to the inquiry, there is a certain difference between the tensile machine for testing high-molecular polymers and the ordinary tensile machine for testing the tensile properties of materials. The suspect Zhao said that since October 2018, together with his son, nephew and fellow villagers, he has purchased a second-hand three wheeled motorcycle as a transportation tool, with gloves. The domestic cathode material has poor vapor permeability. However, the material market of this kind of plate is currently a duopoly mask led by beiteri and Shanshan technology, Put buckles in the clothes in advance, use the dead of night to climb over the wall, pry the door or drill a hole to enter the construction site, and work together to steal buckles and cables. They often change the region in which they commit crimes, and frequently act at the construction sites in Yuhua District, Zhengding County and Luquan district. They do not commit crimes repeatedly in the same area. They sold the stolen clips and cables in time

on February 12, Luquan police reported to the local procuratorial organ for approval to arrest Zhao, Zhao Qiang and Zhao Yang, three suspect, and intensify the pursuit of fugitive Xiong. (dongshijie, correspondent Ying Shimin)

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