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Fastex 16 new driveline products shine at Shanghai International Auto Show

fastex 16 new driveline products shine at Shanghai International Auto Show

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"adhere to innovation driven, focus on quality improvement, lead the development of the industry, and build fastex into a world aircraft carrier of automotive driveline." Adhering to the ambitious goal that we have been striving for has input a strong driving force for fast's continuous leapfrog development

on April 19, the 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition with the theme of "dedication · a better life" kicked off, and fast came on stage with 16 newly developed and produced automobile transmission products, which fully displayed the latest scientific research achievements of the enterprise, reflected the scientific and technological leading advantages of fast in traditional, intelligent, high-end and diversified aspects, and represented the future strategic development direction and goals of fast, It highlights the role and responsibility of fast in revitalizing the national automobile industry

on April 20, the new product conference of fast "the fixture swings left and right during the transmission world experiment, and the intelligent manufacturing is extraordinary" was held grandly. Yan Jianbo, chairman of fast group, delivered a speech and jointly unveiled the new products with general manager Ma xuyao, deputy general manager Wang Shunli, Liu Yi and sales director Yan Zonghong. Nearly 100 leaders and media from all OEMs attended the press conference

chairman Yan Jianbo delivered a speech, expressing his heartfelt thanks to the guests and friends from all walks of life who have long cared for and supported the development of fast, and introduced the development achievements of the enterprise and the situation of this exhibition

chairman Yan Jianbo emphasized that as the core of vehicle technology, the development of parts and components has increasingly become the key to driving the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry. Spare parts enterprises must undertake their due responsibilities. Fast has always adhered to the patriotism and responsibility spirit of "third tier" enterprises, and has embarked on a unique development path of independent innovation leading development and scientific and technological progress towards high-end. It has made positive contributions to revitalizing the national automobile industry and promoting the healthy development of independent brands. It has been ranked among the top 30 of China's automobile industry, the top 50 of China's gear industry, the top 100 of China's machinery industry and the top 500 of China's manufacturing industry for many consecutive years

chairman Yan Jianbo pointed out that in the face of the ever-changing market situation and the fierce competition in the global automotive industry, fast has established the "13th five year plan" development goal with "5221" as the strategic core. At the same time, it has continuously improved the scientific research and innovation system with "made in China 2025" as the intelligent development guidance, the "the Belt and Road" construction as the support for international development, and the "supply side reform" as the high-end development opportunity, Strive to move towards the high end of the industry

as the most attractive enterprise in this auto show, fast is the most watched domestic enterprise in the international parts exhibition area. The booth is located in hall 4.2h-4bf201 of the Convention and Exhibition Center, covering an area of 258 square meters. The design is high-end and elegant, which complements fast's entrepreneurial spirit of "unity, pragmatism, tenacity and development"

at this auto show, fast ceremoniously exhibited six categories of products, including intelligent products, new energy products, high-end machinery, hydraulic retarders, clutches, special lubricants for shell process, highlighting the high-end, intelligent and diversified development strategy of the enterprise, fully demonstrating fast's strong scientific and technological research and development capabilities, strong equipment manufacturing strength, keen market insight and leading industry development advantages

intelligent products include c16jzsdqxl260 (s automatic transmission), f16jz22 integrated AMT and fc6a180, fc8a120 two at hydraulic automatic transmissions; New energy products include 4e50 new energy automatic transmission (pure electric), 5hs90t new energy automatic transmission (hybrid) and fjxbl400 (5T) and fjxbl1100 (13T) wheel reducer; C6j70t high-end mechanical s transmission; Hydraulic retarders fhb400, fhb220b, fh400b; Clutch includes 380 and 430 series; Special lubricating oil for shell process includes special lubricating oil for mechanical transmission of shell process I and special oil for automatic transmission of shell process 2. Among them, seven fresh products, c16jzsdqxl260, f16jz22, fc8a120, 4e50, 5hs90t, fjxbl400, fhb400, were released for the first time

During the exhibition, fast new energy products attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign merchants and became the highlight of the exhibition

4e50 pure electric automatic transmission adopts helical gear transmission, which has large bearing capacity, long service life and low noise. The transmission shifts through the sliding sleeve structure without synchronizer, which has reliable quality, light weight and obvious energy-saving effect. Its motor power selection range is wider, low-power motors have low cost and energy consumption, and the endurance mileage is longer with the same power, which can be increased by more than 30%. At the same time, the torque increasing effect of the transmission can effectively improve the dynamic performance of the system, improve the starting ability of the whole vehicle, double the climbing ability, and adapt to various working conditions. The products are applicable to meter pure electric buses and logistics vehicles of 10t and below

5hs90t hybrid automatic transmission is a new energy transmission independently developed and launched by fast. The mechanical body of the transmission adopts a double intermediate shaft structure. Through speed change and torque increase, it can effectively improve the fuel saving rate and enhance the gradeability of the whole vehicle. Torque diversion can also extend the service life. AMT shift control is fast, accurate, stable and reliable. The coupling of engine and AMT power can reduce engine emissions and improve power performance. It is suitable for 8-12 meter hybrid urban bus

fj in China's plastic machinery market, xbl400/1100 wheel side reducer is a reducer product designed and developed by fast according to market needs and applying the latest technology, which has shorter transmission chain, faster vehicle dynamic response and higher transmission efficiency. The product integrates drive system, transmission system and braking system, making the vehicle structure simpler, saving a lot of vehicle space and facilitating the safe arrangement of batteries. It adopts the wheel side direct drive system, full bevel gear and full grinding gear design, with light weight, small volume, low noise, high reliability, strong bearing capacity, obvious energy-saving effect and long service life. It can be widely used in commercial vehicles, buses and high-end medium and light buses

c16jzsdqxl260 is an S series automatic transmission developed by fast based on the mechanical body of s transmission. The transmission is equipped with a modular automatic shift control system, which can realize manual and automatic modes. The shift strategy is adjusted and optimized according to the driver's different requirements for vehicle fuel economy and power. It also provides economic and power modes, as well as crawl mode, to meet the use requirements of the vehicle under special working conditions. S transmission is a brand-new high-end product meticulously created by fast for Europe and the United States, benchmarking with the international market. The transmission adopts the design of full oblique teeth, fine high teeth and drum teeth, and is fully ground. It has the advantages of light weight, low noise, short axial size, light operation, strong gradeability and good fuel economy. It is suitable for various working conditions. Its performance indicators can be comparable with similar foreign products, which is an important strategic support for comprehensively benchmarking international standards and accelerating the entry into the international market

c6j70t high-end mechanical s transmission adopts single intermediate shaft structure, two-stage barrel die-casting aluminum alloy shell, full oblique tooth and full grinding tooth design, with the characteristics of light weight, high strength, low noise and high reliability. It is equipped with fast self-made high-performance synchronizer, with flexible and light shifting operation, clear gear selection and good sense of shifting in place. The side power take-off window is reserved, which can be matched with the power take-off, and is widely applicable to all kinds of high-end commercial vehicles, medium and light trucks

f16jz22 integrated AMT adopts the design of integrated shift system and central clutch actuator. The product has no external air pipe and line connection, and has higher reliability. It has an ultra long shift life of 6million times, meeting the requirements of iso26262 functional safety level. At the same time, it has the functions of GPS driving prediction, ramp assisted starting, difficulty relief, creeping and economic taxiing. It can match the retarder and power take-off, and widely match various vehicles such as tractors, trucks, engineering vehicles and passenger cars

fc8a120 intelligent automatic transmission is a new product of fast with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is the world's first 9-speed hydraulic automatic transmission for commercial vehicles. The product has perfect control system functions, excellent shift quality, lighter weight and better fuel economy. Its obvious advantages such as advanced technology, stable performance, reliable quality and high cost performance have won unanimous praise from many OEMs, and has become the best choice for mainstream high-end configuration of OEMs

fc6a180 hydraulic automatic transmission has the technical advantages of small installation size, high reliability, convenient operation, large torque mass ratio and so on. It is a new automatic transmission product with a rear mounted power take-off design that is unique in the world at present. The automatic transmissions in this exhibition are the latest research results of fastex intelligent products, which have successfully passed the tests under special working conditions and road conditions such as high temperature and plateau, and all technical indicators have met the design requirements. The product coverage extends from the field of heavy trucks to the field of construction machinery

hydraulic retarder is a new generation of automotive auxiliary braking product with independent intellectual property rights carefully created by fast, which fills the gap in the domestic market and has reached the international advanced level in key technology and core technology. Its superior deceleration performance fully meets the development trend of heavy trucks with multiple gears, large tonnage, high horsepower and high speed, as well as the personalized needs of different users. The fhb400 parallel hydraulic retarder newly launched in this exhibition is a new high-end auxiliary braking product. Its weight is lighter, braking torque is larger, and its application range is wider. The three series and parallel hydraulic retarders fh400b, fhb320b and fhb400 exhibited in the exhibition marked that fast had made new breakthroughs in the research and development of retarders, expanded the product spectrum, and also demonstrated that the enterprise had made fruitful achievements in mastering core technologies. At present, the coverage of fastex retarder products extends from heavy trucks to passenger cars, trucks, engineering vehicles and other fields, meeting the personalized needs of different users, and providing good safety protection and efficient auxiliary braking solutions for the upgrading of domestic heavy trucks, passenger cars and other complete vehicles

clutch is the crystallization of the joint venture between fast and Eaton company, and it is also another key product of fast to adjust the structure and transfer mode, and promote the transformation of enterprises from a single product to automotive transmission system integration. Once launched, it has won wide attention from many OEMs, and the market demand has increased significantly. In 2016, more than 100000 sets were produced and sold, and the market share increased to more than 20% in a short time. The product has scientific design, simple structure, accurate and reliable operation, complete separation, rapid connection, stability, no impact and low wear rate. Its high-strength stamping cover, high reliability diaphragm spring and high-strength friction material design provide ultra long wear life and excellent thermal performance. The release bearing has the functions of self lubrication and self-aligning at the same time, which effectively reduces the failure rate of the vehicle and extends the service life. Friction materials with corrugated plates and driven plates with pre damping function not only effectively improve the clutch engagement impact and the feeling of clutch pedal pedals, but also effectively eliminate the "idle noise". The main shock absorber with low stiffness provides better shock absorption and improves the user's actual operation experience and driving experience. The optional heavy-duty pressure plate design can also improve the durability of the clutch under harsh working conditions. The design of the transport cap ensures that the clutch performance is maintained and the clutch components are prevented from being damaged during transportation

shell method series special oil is a special oil for transmission jointly developed by fast and shell for three years. It is an important measure for the construction of market service network after fast's optimization and upgrading. The product design standard is higher than the current international standard, with a wide range of applications, and its anti-wear and extrusion

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