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FAW Xichai: strive to be the "13th five year plan" and "smart manufacturing" pioneer

FAW Xichai: strive to be the "13th five year plan" and "smart manufacturing" pioneer

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building an enterprise with independent innovation ability, quality management strength and harmonious symbiosis is the enterprise vision of FAW Jiefang tin free diesel engine plant. Qian Hengrong, the factory director of FAW Jiefang Wuxi Diesel engine plant, who knows the field of internal combustion engines like the palm of his hand, is full of confidence in facing the future and seizing opportunities. He said frankly, "at present, the intellectualization of the internal combustion engine industry is just starting, and it is not yet mature. We, Xichai, will respond to the national strategic call, face the challenges directly, take the initiative to shoulder responsibilities, strive to be the pioneer of 'smart manufacturing' in the 13th five year plan, practice the oath of environmental protection, and create smart power, Be a 'BMW' and 'Mercedes Benz' in the engine industry. "

"German industry 4.0" ignited a new round of industrial revolution in the world with a certain gap between domestic and foreign levels. Everything is in the ascendant, and scientific and technological innovation has penetrated into every level of many countries from all dimensions. China timely released the strategy of "made in China 2025", which clearly requires accelerating the intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises, striving to reverse the current uneven level of "intelligent manufacturing" of enterprises, hoping to give confidence to energy-saving and new energy vehicles and other industrial fields, strive to improve the software and hardware strength of relevant enterprises, narrow the gap with industrial power Germany, and promote the improvement of the manufacturing level of the parts industry and the whole industry, Reduce resistance for the steady upward growth of China's economy

in the draft of the 13th five year plan for the development of China's internal combustion engine industry, internal combustion engines are considered to be the products with the most potential and the most intuitive effect to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction now and in the future. The arduous task of energy conservation and emission reduction plays the most critical role in whether China can control PM2.5 in the long term. FAW Xichai recognized this point and invested a lot of money in technology and product research and development in advance. Through the digitalization and unification of the manufacturing system and the intelligent management of big data analysis, the whole process quality control and product data traceability of engine production have been achieved, and the waste free and uninterrupted operation process has been used to save energy and reduce emissions, and lean production, so as to achieve the goal of zero defect in product quality, and at the same time, it has undertaken a low-carbon and environmental protection society

great innovation is an ever-growing engine of progress.

Premier Li Keqiang said, "innovation is an ever-growing engine that shows the advantages of human hair rubber fatigue testing machine and the operating steps of the equipment. Today's world is in the midst of major changes and adjustments, and there is an urgent need for greater scope and deeper innovation." From the perspective of the whole industrial chain, the successful experience of FAW Xichai is worth learning from

as early as last year, Qian Hengrong said, "the engine industry in our country has developed rapidly, but there are still shortcomings, and there are still large gaps in brand construction. An innovation revolution is inevitable to develop strengths and fill weaknesses." Nearly a year has passed, how is the "short board" repair progress

as he said, the emission standards have been raised again, the concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the war of similar products is relatively fierce... Leading to the early start of the innovation revolution in the internal combustion engine industry. In recent years, Xichai, which is in the critical stage of the fourth entrepreneurship and the 12th Five Year Plan, under the leadership of Qian Hengrong, has gradually completed the goals of "five strategies and four transformations", adhered to the brand leadership, adhered to the pragmatic concept of "only strength is not great", learned from its strengths and made up for its weaknesses, analyzed the successful experience of Lexus brand construction, specially studied and planned, combined with the actual situation of Xichai, and deeply tapped its potential, Specialized research and planning, with "high-quality supply and excellent service enjoyment", has won the recognition of users with high gloss. The use of Plexiglas material panels is also becoming more and more widely and the sales volume is increasing. Under the persistence and accumulation, the flag of Xichai brand is fluttering in the wind

it is reported that the five strategies of FAW Xichai include science and technology driven strategy, market leading strategy, quality leadership strategy, resource guarantee strategy and talent Revitalization Strategy, which are very forward-looking. The four major changes are the transformation from learning enterprises to innovative enterprises, from technology following enterprises to technology leading enterprises, from product marketing to brand marketing, and from connotation management to lean management

great wisdom integrated forging new competitive advantages

the great wisdom of enterprises lies in the fact that facing the constraints of resources, energy, environment, labor, raw materials and other factors, they will change their thinking and develop intelligent manufacturing from the four dimensions of R & D and design, production and manufacturing, operation and management, and brand marketing. FAW Xichai is at the forefront of the industry, accelerating the "intelligent transformation, strengthening the foundation and green development". The intelligent process of production, operation and products is advancing in an orderly manner, and the embryonic form of "intelligent manufacturing pioneer" of Xichai appears

among them, the improvement of positive development ability is related to the competitiveness and brand influence of enterprises, and is the right way for sustainable development of enterprises. Qian Hengrong pointed out that technological innovation is also today's experimental machine manufacturers to tell you what matters should be paid attention to in the actual operation process of the hydraulic universal experimental machine, and the deficiencies of domestic engines. The difficulty of technological innovation lies in the expansion of talents' innovative thinking and the persistence in the bottleneck period of R & D. It is commendable that Xichai has always taken "independent Xichai" as the direction of its efforts, increased investment, introduced top-notch testing equipment from the United States, Japan, Germany, such as generator test bench, starter test bench, rubber hardness tester, conventional key physical characteristics analysis equipment of oil products, established and improved product development process and standard system, product development process management system and other systems, and built energy-saving and environmental protection technology Independent R & D technology platforms such as electronic intelligent technology have widely attracted technological innovation talents, and know how to adhere to it during the bottleneck period of project research and development. They have won many national independent innovation awards, such as the invention patent award awarded by the State Intellectual Property Office, such as the diesel engine idle start and stop control method. They have also become the only enterprise that masters many key core technologies such as VCU, GPS, EGR, engine braking, etc, Continue to explore and seek breakthroughs in energy-saving "smart manufacturing" of products

in the production and manufacturing process, FAW Xichai is willing to sacrifice its capital in the production of hardware equipment, and the production line of the star product "Aowei engine" is very leading. The head of Huishan base of FAW Xichai heavy diesel engine said this, I can't help talking: "At present, we have seven production lines of orway 6dm/6dl cylinder block, cylinder head machining, general assembly, school bus, coating, etc., and 195 sets of various equipment. The biggest feature of the production line is flexibility, agility and automation, which is basically equal to the international advanced level. Among them, the machining line is constructed by German Grob company, which adopts oil mist micro lubrication, centralized coolant treatment, centralized dust removal, demisting, and the NC rate reaches more than 90%. It can be applied to automatic inspection Measuring device and feedback control technology, vacuum drying technology, three-dimensional marking control technology, etc., the process stability is significantly improved, the quality indicators are better than similar products, and the technology is leading. " Technical guidance, professional focus, focus on the engine field, FAW Xichai focus on resources, develop expertise, unswervingly promote the process of production and operation and product intelligence, and forge new competitive advantages with "great wisdom" integration

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