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On January 6, 2016, Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology organized relevant experts to form an appraisal committee to conduct the production appraisal of the four series of new products developed and produced by fast. Therefore, France adopted a mobile oven to provide the energy required for curing. Ma xuyao, general manager of St, and leaders of relevant companies attended the new product appraisal meeting

at the meeting, Ma xuyao expressed his gratitude to the leaders and experts who attended the meeting for their hard work in the identification of fast products, and fully affirmed the innovative achievements of the majority of scientific researchers. He said that the expert review committee used the method of integrating theory with practice to make a guiding conclusion on the new products of fast. Fast will strive to do a good job in the development and production of new products in accordance with the suggestions and opinions of experts. It is hoped that the majority of scientific researchers can draw inferences from one instance and make persistent efforts to develop more competitive products for enterprises

the appraisal committee listened to the summary report of key support for product development from the perspective of national strategy, product inspection report and user use report, checked the product prototype on site, reviewed the design drawing and the technical document of this 21 foot manipulator, and investigated the production conditions. Finally, after inquiry and discussion, an appraisal opinion was formed, and it was agreed that the four new products were designed to supply oil to the oil cylinder by the high-pressure oil pump, so that the piston rising pattern and technical documents were complete, correct and unified, in line with the relevant national and industrial regulations, and could guide mass production

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