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FAW Jiefang Xichai grandly held the 2016 procurement work conference

FAW Jiefang Xichai grandly held the 2016 procurement work conference

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whoever has a strong supply chain, grasps high-quality resources, and whose clamping force increases will have a leading market position. In order to build a strong supply chain, form a spiritual contract with suppliers, win-win market and win-win development, on December 17, Xichai held a grand 2016 procurement meeting. Factory director Qian Hengrong, Party Secretary Xu Xuefen, deputy factory directors Xu Haigen and Ji Yizhi, relevant leaders of FAW liberation company, deputy chief engineer Li Jiangang, deputy chief economist you 5754 and other Zhiqing, deputy chief engineer Ding Hao, as well as procurement department, quality assurance department, production department, R & D department Leaders of the sales company and other departments and representatives of Xichai suppliers from all over the country gathered in the conference hall to discuss cooperation plans and promote business development

as we all know, in terms of supplier selection, Xichai has always adhered to two principles of optimization, namely, selecting domestic first-class suppliers and international suppliers. In the context of global procurement, Xichai has successively cooperated with world-class suppliers such as Bosch in Germany, MAHLE, FMO in the United States and Miba in Austria to establish an international procurement platform; In the selection of domestic suppliers, select domestic first-class enterprises to achieve strong cooperation and ensure product quality. At present, the total number of core suppliers of Xichai has reached 58, and the total supply volume of these core suppliers has reached more than 60%, providing a solid guarantee for the improvement of quality of Xichai. The conference was presided over by xuxuefen, Secretary of the Party committee, and xuhaigen, deputy factory director, first made a work report to the conference with the theme of "aiming at the 13th five year plan, creating new competitive advantages, leading the new normal, and writing a new chapter of win-win results". Xu Haigen described the outstanding achievements of Xichai during the 12th Five Year Plan period with "higher quality, better structure and better benefits of enterprise development", and focused on the 13th five year plan of Xichai plant and the business objectives and main tasks of 2016, It puts forward the procurement idea of "adhering to brand leadership, strengthening quality and resource guarantee, further improving the new product development and cost control of the supply chain system, being forward-looking, systematic and collaborative, leading the new normal of economic development, and rebuilding the new competitive advantage of the system" and the corresponding five key tasks

Ji Yizhi, deputy factory director, read out the "2015 advanced supplier recognition decision", and Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Yinlun Machinery Co., Ltd. won the "best supplier" award; Mahler engine parts (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. and other five enterprises were awarded the "excellent supplier" award; Three enterprises including Quanzhou Yida Automobile Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. were awarded the "excellent award for quality research"; Eight enterprises including Nanyue electric control (Hengyang) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. were awarded the "excellent award for synchronous development"; Eight enterprises including Shanghai Jiujing Engine Parts Co., Ltd. won the "quality excellence award"

Li Jiangang, deputy chief engineer, read out the 2015 quality accreditation notice; You Zhiqing, deputy chief economist, read out the "fifth batch of core supplier certification notification"; Ding Hao, deputy chief engineer, read out the "notification of suppliers' withdrawal in 2015"; Xu Baiping, head of the procurement department, read out the summary of quality research in 2015 and assigned the supplier quality research task in 2016; Wu Shugang, deputy director of the management department, summarized the maintenance of intellectual property rights in 2015 and deployed the maintenance of intellectual property rights in 2016. Xu Xiaomin, the representative of the best supplier, also made an exchange speech at the meeting, saying that he would closely follow the pace of Xichai, jointly build a high-end power of national brands, and live up to Xichai's expectations

At the meeting, director Qian Hengrong made an important speech. Fo is the cross-sectional area of the sample. He put forward the requirement of "sticking to the same alliance and winning together, and creating a new chapter in the development of the 13th five year plan", and called on Xichai supply chain to be united, transformed and concentrated. We should abandon the thoughts of attachment, deception and breach of contract; To turn the enterprise to brand, technology guidance and product integration, we should "strive to work together", share resources, investment, burden and development, work with one heart and one mind, cooperate sincerely, stand at a new starting point, embark on a new journey, create new advantages, create new achievements, and jointly write a new chapter of cooperation

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