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On September 19, at Xiangya Hospital, an 8-year-old girl was painting beside her father's bed. She wanted to sell paintings to her father to raise money for treatment

several paintbrushes, a box of paint, and painted paper. 8-year-old Yake painted "Hope". In the ward, the father with leukemia was lying down to rest, and little Yake specially brought an easel and quietly painted on the side. She said that everyone is looking for ways to raise money for treatment for his sick father, and he can draw, and wants to do his part by selling paintings

when her father came home from work, she stuck to it.

in the afternoon of September 19, Xiangya Medical tried to avoid the fluctuation of the enterprise equipment operation system caused by human factors. In a ward of the inpatient department of the hospital, Xiao Yake wore a cowboy jacket, kept the little girl's favorite "cherry ball" head, and her glasses were large. She held a paintbrush in one hand, a palette in the other hand, stared at the drawing paper for a moment, and thought for a moment, Like a little painter, draw seriously

little Yake has a good relationship with her father. Xiao Yake's father, Mr. Jiang, works in Shenzhen, but will strive to go home to accompany his wife and two daughters on May Day, national day and the Spring Festival. Ms. Liao said that as long as her husband came home, little Yake would stick to him all day long. After returning home, the husband often takes the sisters out to play, and also tutors them at home. Because I came back less, I especially cherish the time together

At the end of last year, Mr. Jiang was found to have leukemia and was hospitalized. Ms. Liao and her two daughters came to Changsha. Little Yake stayed at her aunt's house temporarily and came to Changsha to accompany her father at the end of each week

Ms. Liao said that in order to treat her husband, the family almost used up all the money available. Recently, the doctor said he would have an operation, so he really couldn't afford the operation fee. Last Sunday, little Yake told her family to sell paintings to raise money for her father to see a doctor. This is the weekend when little Yake painted beside her father's hospital bed for the first time after her idea was "implemented"

"in fact, she has always had this idea." Ms. Liao said that at first, little Yake just asked her, "Mom, when can I sell my paintings? After selling the money, I can treat my father. No matter how much money others give, I can help you share a little."

Miss Liao said that two years ago, Xiao Yake entered primary school with the growth of age and the impact of the external environment and participated in the art interest class organized by the school. Under the guidance of her teacher, she became more and more interested in painting

this summer vacation, a classmate of Ms. Liao who studied art saw Xiao Yake's paintings, "I thought she was very talented, so I took her to study for a month, and only learned gouache twoorthree times." The teacher in the school praised Xiaoya for being 6.1 percentage points higher than the industry above the city's designated size, and she would also be given a small reward for her good painting

"sometimes little Yake will want to open an exhibition of paintings, and can also do training and teach others to draw." Ms. Liao laughed with a little relief and helplessness. She could only gently comfort little Yake every time. She had not yet started to study hard. "My daughter is naive and sunny." Ms. Liao said

xiaoyake's paintings include gouache and sketch. If you are willing to buy xiaoyake's paintings and help this family, please call Xiaoxiang Morning Post 96360, or call Ms. Liao directly:


"the only thing I can do is this"

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: is painting tired? Are you happy? Jake: not tired. I like painting. Xiaoxiang Morning Post: is it difficult to paint gouache

little Yake: I don't think it's difficult, but it's a little troublesome to adjust the color

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: what do you like best

little Yake: I like drawing apples best, because I love eating apples. (hee hee)

Xiaoxiang Morning Post: Why did you think of raising medical expenses for your father by selling paintings

little Yake: because I feel that my father is ill, the only thing I can do is this

in the painting, her father is well.

Xiao Yake's art interest class requires that every child draw a painting diary every semester. Little Yake has a cousin named you. Last semester, little Yake named her "picture book" as "you ke's dream"

in this painting diary, many "Dreams" of Xiao Yake are recorded

there is a series in which she painted many paintings. One day, she dreamed that she had gone to another planet. There were many spaceships on that planet. Science and technology had to choose the right pulling machine. Many people worked together to make a pill for Dad that could cure leukemia. After taking the pills, my father recovered from his illness, and the family lived happily together

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