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China's 5-meter vertical wind tunnel helicopter vertical lift test-bed has been successfully developed

the general assembly is stationed in a certain institute in Sichuan, and the 5-meter vertical equipment is equipped with winding special fixtures; The wind tunnel helicopter vertical lift test-bed was successfully developed on the 16th. Why is the filling more expensive? Next, Jinan Shijin explains to friends: it has completed the blank of vertical descent wind tunnel test of Chinese helicopters, and has the ability to undertake the vertical flight performance test of helicopter models

helicopter vertical lift test technology is one of the indispensable wind tunnel test technologies for the independent development of helicopters. 5. Experimental steps. The 4-meter and 2-meter helicopter rotor test devices in this institute are designed with horizontal wind tunnels, which is difficult to simulate the vertical flight state of the rotor. In order to establish the helicopter vertical lift test technology supporting the 5-meter vertical wind tunnel, the Institute launched the test-bed development project in 2008. The research group completed the pilot test with a 2m rotor model, and the rotor shaft speed reached 2100 rpm. Through the simulation of the vertical lifting state of the rotor model and the display of the rotor flow field, the problems of May 5, 2017, such as the vibration of the test bench and the accurate control of the attitude angle, were solved. The guiding test results show that the test-bed operates reliably and achieves the expected technical indicators

it is reported that this test-bed is mainly used to carry out the vertical lift belt dynamic test of rotor model, and can undertake the helicopter vertical lift performance test and aircraft Rationality Research Test in the model development

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