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Development of smoke emission test software for diesel vehicles under loading and deceleration conditions

[Abstract] the "smoke emission test software for diesel vehicles under loading and deceleration conditions (lug down) jointly developed by Beijing jinkaixing Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of technology" fully meets the requirements of db11/121-2000 "smoke emission standard for diesel vehicles under loading and deceleration conditions" and "computer control test procedures for smoke detection of diesel vehicles under loading and deceleration conditions". It has complete functions, perfect test process design, friendly interface, convenient operation, automatic test and stable performance. It has been praised by users and contributed to the improvement of air quality in Beijing

key words: test software computer control of diesel vehicle loading and deceleration condition


Beijing took the lead in implementing the loading and deceleration condition (lug down) to detect the smoke emission of diesel vehicles in China. This method can detect the actual smoke emission of diesel vehicles more accurately. Since the implementation of this method, it has an obvious effect on controlling the smoke emission pollution of diesel vehicles and improving the air quality in Beijing

Beijing jinkaixing Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the protection of atmospheric environment. It has undertaken the national debt project of "emission detection under motor vehicle working conditions". In cooperation with Beijing University of technology, it has developed a smoke emission test software for diesel vehicles under loading and deceleration conditions according to db11/121-2000 "smoke emission standard for diesel vehicles under loading and deceleration conditions" and "computer control test procedures for smoke detection under diesel vehicles under loading and deceleration conditions". The test software has complete functions, perfect test process design, friendly interface, convenient operation, automatic test, smooth operation, stable performance, and the symbols and unit specifications used

1 function and characteristics of lug down test software

1.1 full simplified Chinese interface, Microsoft Windows platform

the test software organically integrates all hardware devices. Microsoft Windows platform, full simplified Chinese interface, including testing, calibration, pre inspection, setting, prompt, entry, report, query, locking, printing, communication and other aspects. In order to ensure the quality of the test system, chassis dynamometer, opaque Opacimeter, speed sensor and other famous brand products are directly purchased from famous German manufacturers

1.2 directly enter the emission test software

after the main control computer is started, it does not enter the windows o/s operating system, but directly enters the emission test software, which facilitates the operation, avoids the possible misoperation of the windows operating system and the interference of other programs, and improves the safety of use. Each equipment is set with a certification number, which is input and locked by the certification unit, ensuring the legitimacy of the use of the emission test system

1.3 friendly interface

full screen display, eye-catching words, and the interface design gives people a sense of motion and comfort. The background picture is mainly light yellow and green to reflect the characteristics of environmental protection. Like the windows system, the operation instructions conform to the operation habits, are illustrated, vivid and easy to click

the operation prompt statements are mainly in Song Dynasty typeface, the font size shall be eye-catching, and the font color shall be clear black. The prompt statement of equipment working status is displayed in red in the upper column of the screen, so that the operator can clearly see the current working status of the equipment, instrument or test program. Misoperation prompt statements appear on a dark blue background. The parameter input box has a light yellow background to distinguish it from different operation modes. The parameters displayed in the test process are highlighted in red, and the font is thick, which is convenient for the operator to watch. The mouse click box is highlighted in a three-dimensional way and placed in the lower right corner. It is moderate in size and easy to operate

calculate velmaxhp and three point smoke test interface, with black disc occupying most of the light green background screen,. The two white coordinates in the power scanning interface show the red power and smoke curves respectively under the light green background, which is clear and easy to operate

try to use the pull-down bar. The operator can complete the input or selection of this item by clicking the relevant data source in the drop-down bar. The operation is simple, convenient and accurate

1.4 three level password setting

the test software sets three-level passwords according to the access authority and use requirements: Beijing environmental protection bureau level, inspection station director level and operator level, ensuring standardized operation

set the name and password input of operators, restrict the use of legal operators, and prevent others from abusing law enforcement tools. The wrong input of password can be up to three times in a row. If it exceeds three times, the system will lock

set the operation password input of the device. Only by entering the special operation password of this device, the system can enter the main operation menu. The wrong password can be entered at most three times in a row. More than three times, the system locks

for the changeable parameter table, the director of Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau and the inspector can visit, but the objects of the visit are different. After entering the password of Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, you can change the display of all parameters in the parameter table and have the right to modify all parameters. After entering the password of the inspector general, only the parameter box with the right to modify appears

the statistical reports and daily operation logs are password protected, and relevant personnel can enter and view them

1.5 system locking and unlocking

to ensure the effectiveness of emission detection, when the computer clock is adjusted, the equipment is in preheating, the calibration of the equipment exceeds the validity period, the equipment fails to pass the calibration, the equipment fails to pass the self inspection, the ambient temperature of the detection site is too high, and the verification of the detection station is unqualified, the detection system is locked and is not allowed to enter the emission detection procedure. Different locking conditions, different locking methods, and different unlocking methods

1.6 safe operation guarantee

during the emission test, the vehicle can only be operated on the drum when the lift of the chassis dynamometer is in the falling state. Otherwise, personal injury, equipment and vehicle damage may be caused. For this reason, the function that the program can run down only by clicking the [drop the lift] button after the tested vehicle drives onto the chassis dynamometer is set

when the drum speed is not zero, in order to prevent clicking the [lift] button by mistake, the software sets the [lift] button failure function

even if you click this button, the lifter is still in the down state

the software has a series of safety operation tips. For key operation steps, if the operation is not standardized, the next operation cannot be carried out

1.7 detailed prompt and help functions

detailed misoperation prompt statements are set. As long as there is an error in any operation, a clear prompt box will appear to indicate how the operator should operate correctly, and then automatically return to the state before the error operation, so as to operate again, which is convenient for the operator to use and improves the detection efficiency

in the operation procedure, there are many vehicle pre inspection and vehicle information entry items. In order to avoid missing inspection and entry, in addition to displaying prompt sentences, the font color change method is also adopted. The font color of the checked or entered items changes greatly, so it is easy for the operator to conduct supplementary inspection or entry

the prompt statement for starting the vehicle radiator cooling fan is set to ensure that the engine can work normally during the test

a "help file" is set up to give operators clear and detailed tips on operation steps and fault diagnosis, with pictures and texts. Operators can clearly understand the operation steps, fault causes and troubleshooting methods when necessary

real time prompts of equipment, instruments, detection procedures and the working status of the inspected vehicles are set, and the operator can understand their working status in real time

once something goes wrong, it is convenient to take corresponding measures in time

1.8 the parameter table, data field summary and detection sequence number setting can be changed

the parameter table can be changed is divided into "changeable parameters", "system set value type" and "security level". Relevant personnel can access and modify changeable parameters

"data field summary and format" is divided into "system management function", "daily summary record" and "each test parameter". The data record is standardized and meets the specified requirements

the detection sequence number is automatically accumulated. For each vehicle detected, the sequence number is automatically increased by 1 and cleared once a year

1.9 linked database and stand-alone database

this software has dual functions of linked database and stand-alone database

use the network function to connect with the vehicle information public database (VID), and use the vehicle information in vid to ensure the correct operation of the operator and improve the detection efficiency, which is convenient for the vehicle management organization to manage the detection work and vehicle emission status

considering the network failure and the fact that some vehicle emission detection departments do not have network management at present, this software has the function of using a single database to store the information and detection results of the detected vehicles on the local computer

joint use or stand-alone use can be selected in the "device setting" interface

the database structure is designed according to the unified regulations of the Environmental Protection Bureau. The test data can be queried according to the owner's information/vehicle information/test results/test sequence number

it has the function of backing up the information of the local database for 7 times. To prevent data loss caused by misoperation of the database. If the backup exceeds 7 times, the first backup content will be automatically overwritten. The backup times can be increased according to the use requirements of the detection station

test data can be saved in a disk and active hard disk

the contents of the daily operation log include the information of the tested vehicle, the detection process parameters, the parasitic power detection parameters, the loading sliding detection parameters, etc., so as to facilitate the monitoring of the detection process

when inputting vehicle information, the database is queried with the license plate number as the keyword, and the queried information is automatically filled in the vehicle information table, which improves the detection efficiency. After calling up the information of the tested vehicle, some data need to be updated, such as odometer reading, change of vehicle ownership, etc., which can be directly changed in the vehicle information and restart the experiment table

the tested vehicle information is automatically added to the database

the test statistical report can be viewed and printed by year, month and day

has a real-time clock and calendar. When communicating with the central database every time, keep the time and date of the test system consistent with the central database, and avoid artificially modifying the detection time and date

1.10 flexible input of vehicle license plate number

for vehicles that have not been licensed, enter "new vehicle" in the "vehicle license plate number" column. In the inspection report, the words "new car" are printed in the column of vehicle license plate number. The input of license plate number is not limited by digits/Arabic numerals/case of English letters/Chinese characters

1.11 self inspection of equipment and instruments

before the test, conduct self inspection on the chassis dynamometer, Opacimeter and network server to ensure that they have been connected to the power and gas source, properly connected to this control software and can work normally

once a device is not in normal working state, the software immediately pops up a prompt box, prompting the operator to check the device accordingly and take maintenance measures in time. The program can not continue to run until the device or instrument can work normally

1.12 equipment calibration

it has the prompt function of equipment and instrument calibration time to calibrate chassis dynamometer, smoke meter and other equipment regularly to ensure the effectiveness of the test and the accuracy of the test data. A specific calibration limit time is set for each device, and its calibration time is written into the registry. Each time the operating procedure is started, the software will automatically check its calibration

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