30-50% off at the most popular residents' paint an

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Aijuzhe paint and building materials procurement meeting is 30-50% off

event time: October 17, 13:00 PM

event location: Hualong building a, No. 29, the originally hard copper belt, North Third Ring Road, Xicheng District, Beijing. The net cash flow is 1.816 billion euros. 8

nearly 1000 building materials products, nearly 100 well-known brands, the whole event discount

aijuyou purchase discount, and the owner who signs the bill on the same day will enjoy 9.8% discount

the purchase on the same day, Residents love to provide free design, construction and enjoy another 8.5% discount

more highlights are on October 17. Hot registration is in progress, and there will be a prize when you arrive

order Award:

first prize: a set of Wanhe smoke machine stove, 2780 yuan, 1

second prize: a set of Jinglin wooden door, 1980 yuan, 2

third prize: Midea induction cooker frying pan, 80 yuan, 3

Random prize: 50 lovers umbrellas

10 sets of Jingdezhen craft bowls

20 Wanhe aprons

20 submarine floor drains

Rules: winning rate if you sign an order, you will get a lottery ticket, Randomly select the large spring to change the functional characteristics of the experimental machine

activity process

13:: 00 broadcast of enterprise promotional videos, material manufacturers' issuing orders

14:: 10 introduction to the opening and centralized purchase mode of the activity

14:: 00 quotation of material manufacturers and one yuan auction

16:00 bus waiting, send to the nearest station


SMS registration: (please specify the name, number of people of the activity)

more details:

participating brands

tiles: Jiajun, Marco Polo, Mona p>lisa, Jin Yitao Osheno, LD, special place, Yashi Goff, American Yibao

sanitary ware: Langjing, farnsa, Wrigley, meijiahua, Huida

floor: Oudian, Bijia, dehejia, North American Fengqing, Osman, Xilu, jiujifeng

cabinet: Hauser, Xingyi Wenkang, deslang

wooden door: kaidagland, Jinglin, jiujifeng

radiator: Shijia, Baolong, Jiuding, Changjiang

kitchen appliances: Wanhe, Putian Mrs. Qiao, SHUAIKANG

sink: Jiade

household appliances: Midea

switch: Rex, Siemens, Simon

sliding door: Stanley, smiley

ceiling: ximeilun, Huayu, Xifei

Wallpaper: Huayi, Katie

paint: Dulux, Nippon, garberry

water purifier: Knowles, yadelong, yadu water purification

clothes hanger: love Yi, good wife

Hardware: submarine Non core and boma

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