Analysis on the new miracle of the development of

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Analysis on the new miracle of the development of China's pump and valve industry

China is an important pump supplier, and the export volume of pumps has accounted for about 1/10 of the world's export volume. One quarter of the whole pump equipment imported from the United States comes from China, and one fifth of the pump components imported from China. China is also an important pump market. Fang Huayin said that pump products used in China account for 1/10 of the world pump market. According to the understanding of Asia pump as a component, the annual growth rate of pump demand in the next 10 years will be about 6%, of which the demand in China will accelerate

pumps and valves, as indispensable mechanical equipment in the process of environmental protection and water treatment, will effectively promote China's environmental protection construction, help the "12th Five Year Plan", and implement the new industrialization development path. Raymond company predicts that it will start to establish new commercial carbon fiber equipment in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in the direction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. In the next 20 years, The world's energy-saving industry has invested nearly $7600 billion, of which China will account for 40% 5 Fill in the experimental record form, reaching nearly 20 trillion yuan. This undoubtedly means that the energy-saving pump and valve environmental protection industry is entering an "unprecedented" development opportunity. As an important part of promoting green and low-carbon development, pump valves and fluid machinery will create excellent market intervention opportunities for Chinese and foreign enterprises

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