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Analysis: Misunderstandings of paint dealers in market promotion

analysis: Misunderstandings of paint dealers in market promotion

February 1, 2013

[China paint information] misunderstandings of paint merchants dealers in market promotion

first, misunderstandings in the selection of paint products

first, only pay attention to the profit space of paint products and ignore the profit margin of paint products

dealers seek profits in business, There is nothing wrong with this in itself, but how to make profits is indeed a question of universities. When many dealers choose products, they often ask the salesperson of the manufacturer the first sentence is: "how much money can this one make", focusing on how much profit a single coating product can bring to themselves. In fact, the main problem causing this is the problem between the profit margin of the product and the profit margin of the product. In today's increasingly fierce competition and increasingly diluted profits of paint dealers, paint dealers should pay more attention to the calculation of sub accounts. When considering the profit space of products, don't ignore the calculation of profit margin. Only a good calculation can achieve the best input-output ratio and earn more profits

Myth 2. Only look at the immediate short-term interests and ignore the future long-term interests

the choice of short-term interests and long-term interests is like a game for paint dealers. Although long-term interests are conducive to longer-term development and obtain longer-term returns, long-term interests also contain too much uncertainty. Therefore, the immediate vested interests are more valued by dealers. Due to the existence of the above problems, many dealers often enter two misunderstandings when choosing products. First, as long as the products can bring profits to themselves in a short time, they will not consider the brand, quality and long-term operation of paint products, as long as they make money; Second, for some paint products with good market development prospects but poor sales in recent stages, products that cannot bring profits for the time being, regardless of the enterprise, market development prospects, and product brands, they will all be put in death row, eliminating their own vision or scope of choice

misunderstanding 3. Only pay attention to the selection of products and ignore the combination and collocation of product groups

will choosing a good coating product to supplement the dealer's existing product portfolio inevitably increase profits? The answer is not necessarily. Although many dealers choose good products to supplement their product groups, because the newly selected products can't match and combine well with the existing ones, the result is that dealers are idle when they are idle and busy when they are busy. Throughout the year, they not only don't make much money after accounting, but also cause manpower A lot of material resources are wasted, and the customer relationship is greatly discounted due to poor after-sales service, resulting in the shrinkage of the market. This is mainly because paint dealers only pay attention to the selection of individual products and ignore the combination and collocation of the whole product line, resulting in mutual fights between products due to competition in channels, logistics and human resources, resulting in internal friction. Therefore, when choosing products, dealers should fully consider their own human, material and financial resources, and see clearly their sources and disadvantages in channels, brands, etc, Carry out comprehensive consideration to realize the organic integration of product lines

II. Misunderstandings in market operation

misunderstandings 1. Only pay attention to market distribution work and ignore market after-sales service work

many dealers attach great importance to distribution work. In order to distribute goods, they are very willing to invest in human and material resources, and sometimes even go to the battle in person. The purpose is to lay down the goods as soon as possible and make money as soon as possible, but when it comes to after-sales service work, many dealers don't think so, Don't pay attention to the after-sales service work of the market, and don't want to invest in the after-sales service. In the eyes of many dealers, doing after-sales service is equal to spending money in vain. Due to such cognitive errors and improper practices, customers are full of complaints, and the final result is that there are fewer and fewer terminal points in the market, and the sales volume of products is also smaller and smaller

Myth 2. Only pay attention to market development and ignore market planning

dealers have their own views and understanding on how to carry out market development. However, because of this familiarity, many dealers often rely on their good relationship between customers and channels when carrying out market development, and often rush to market development without considering the actual situation of the market at all, Treat all markets in the same way. The paint products on the market do not consider whether the products are right with the market, whether the promotion means are appropriate, and whether the development points are effective. When carrying out market development, they just emphasize that they will rush all the products they represent into the market in a short time, and unilaterally think that they have a good customer and channel relationship. Market development will be successful, and the products will be sold if they are laid down

myth 3. Only pay attention to the size of the market area and ignore the intensive cultivation of the market

a large market area means a large sales volume. Doing it casually will often produce good benefits and will also be valued by manufacturers. This is the reason why every dealer hopes that the larger their area is, the better when choosing the market area, especially when every enterprise formulates sales tasks for dealers nowadays, It is a dream of every dealer to expand the market area. Therefore, in many cases, the excuse that dealers cannot complete their tasks is often attributed to their insufficient area, rather than staring at their existing market to consider how their market is doing, whether there are any problems, and how to consider problems from the aspect of market intensive cultivation and market potential, Take it for granted that if your area is large enough, you will be able to complete the task. In fact, this simple idea is wrong and one-sided. As dealers, when dealing with the problem of market area, they should not only pay attention to the requirements of the size of the market area, but should consider more how to work hard in the depths of the market, make more efforts, and achieve intensive cultivation

myth 4. Only pay attention to terminals or stores and ignore the combination of the two

for choosing terminals or stores, dealers often enter two extremes. One extreme is that only paying attention to the sales work of terminals can protect the physical performance and aesthetics of automobile TPO, while ignoring the work of stores. They think that although the terminal sales work is cumbersome, the terminal settlement is quick, and there is rarely a problem of charging accounts, and there is not too much trouble, If done well enough, it can also have good benefits. The other extreme is that we only pay attention to the work of the store, ignoring the terminal work. We think that the store has a large purchase volume at one time, which is easy to carry out various convenient activities and generate sales. Although the store deposits, we can obtain higher profits in the store

III. misunderstandings in business

misunderstandings 1. Only big accounts and ignore small accounts

in the actual operation of paint dealers, we can often see such a situation. Many dealers only pay attention to how much they sell every day and how much money they can earn. Little attention has been paid to the problems of goods return and replacement, inventory overstock, warehouse damage, goods overstock and capital occupation caused by unreasonable goods planning in the market

paint dealers should not only learn to calculate big accounts, but also learn to calculate small accounts. Only by learning to calculate small accounts, can they gain an advantage in the competition. Dealers should pay close attention to their own management while paying attention to delivery and collection so far, and do a good job in warehouse management to prevent goods from being damaged, pressed, on schedule and out of stock; Do a good job in the planning of delivery routes, the accounting period management of arrears and the problems of returning and exchanging goods in the market. Only by taking into account both large accounts and small accounts, can we really improve our market operation and management level and bring good benefits to ourselves

misunderstanding 2. Only pay attention to product sales and ignore payment collection work

as a paint dealer, in order to achieve a double harvest of market sales and economic benefits, we must pay attention to product sales and do a good job in the recovery of sales payment at the same time. Only in this way can we make our own funds in a virtuous cycle and our own hematopoietic function can ensure the healthy development of our body

however, in reality, due to objective reasons such as market competition, many dealers often spare no effort in the distribution and delivery of goods in the market in order to quickly realize the sales of goods, strengthen the feelings between customers, and increase the popularity of products in the market. However, they do not pay much attention to the work of payment collection, thinking that there is nothing to pledge the payment, and the customers will not run away, When one's own funds can still operate for this purpose, he is always in no hurry. Once there is a problem with his own funds, he finds that things are not so simple. It is very difficult to get the money back, which not only affects the business, but also makes him a creditor. He has to spend a lot of energy to get the money

IV. misunderstandings in personnel management

misunderstandings 1. Only pay attention to the use of personnel and ignore the training of personnel

in the use of personnel, many paint dealers always consider that personnel can improve the skid resistance, elasticity, surface racemic activity and low temperature resistance of foam wheels. They think that when people are needed, they can recruit from society, and pay little attention to cultivating people themselves. If you just blindly recruit people instead of cultivating people, you will not only fail to retain people, but also fail to improve the ability of the people you use, resulting in the development of paint dealers finally being controlled by human factors and falling into the quagmire of being difficult to recruit people

misunderstanding 2. Only pay attention to the management of the rule of man rather than the management of the system

as many dealer enterprises, the management of personnel and business often stays on the basis of oral and rule of man, through oral notification of their own requirements, through oral arrangement of personnel work, if something goes wrong, it is also verbal criticism or a meal of abuse, and the final result is always no problem, everyone is good, Once the problems are solved, the same mistakes will continue to be made again. They do not pay attention to the management of the system, fail to form or establish the corresponding system, and the management of personnel is only the rule of man without the realization of the legal system. In the end, they cannot realize effective management, generate internal friction, and affect their own development

finally, in today's increasingly fierce market competition, paint dealers want to achieve their rapid development and improve their economic efficiency in the selection of experimental instruments. It is important to work harder in the market, but at the same time, paint dealers also need to be able to keep pace with the times in thinking, pay more attention to details before action, and avoid going into some misunderstandings, Reduce the possibility of making mistakes, so as to achieve better development in the market and achieve better benefits

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