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Analysis on the misunderstanding of rural food packaging

rural food packaging is worrying. As the saying goes, illness comes by mouth. An important reason for the relatively high incidence rate among farmers is that they "eat" and "drink". The survey found that some food or drinking water packaging in rural areas is a "culprit" that causes farmers to get sick easily. First, sesame oil is filled with infusion bottles. In rural areas, many hawkers who produce sesame oil are trying to be cheap. The bottles containing sesame oil are not professionally produced, but waste bottles used for infusion. Waste bottles used for infusion are very dangerous, and some still have residual liquid medicine, which is very harmful to human body. In order to save trouble, the peddler bought the infusion bottle and used it to contain fragrant oil at any rate without disinfection at all. For others, such as soy sauce and vinegar, most farmers also use infusion bottles

second, the tablets are wrapped in waste paper. Now some rural doctors prescribe drugs for patients. Instead of using special paper for packaging, they casually find a piece of waste paper to pack the tablets and hand them to the patients. This practice is highly undesirable and lacks professional ethics. Medical personnel should have a strong sense of sterility, and some waste paper and newspapers, used by students, will not only wear and scratch the surface of some parts of the equipment, but also the operation books. They are all pollutants, which are very unsanitary, and some toxic substances remain, which are very harmful

third, flour is packed in fertilizer bags. In order to save trouble, some farmers often use fertilizer bags to buy flour. The packaging bags of chemical fertilizers are generally toxic, such as phosphate fertilizer, urea, ammonium nitrogen, etc. the production of low iron and aluminum not only puts forward higher and stricter requirements for various raw materials, but also has great harm for people to eat directly or indirectly. The government can take administrative measures to restrict production in a short time, which can be effective quickly. Many farmers use chemical fertilizer bags directly without brushing, washing or disinfecting. Not only that, the packaging bags used by farmers to hold corn, soybeans, sorghum and other grains are also replaced by fertilizer bags

fourth, use plastic buckets for drinking water. In the past, farmers usually used large urns and VATS to hold drinking water. Now it is convenient to use plastic buckets to hold it. Most of these plastic barrels are discarded for containing chemical supplies, and some chemicals remain, causing certain harm to human body. At the same time, holding water in plastic buckets is not conducive to preservation. Over time, some chemical reactions will occur, breeding bacteria, and it is not good for human health

source: Baina

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