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Analysis of the development of flexible packaging enterprises in the off-season (2)

unlimited price promotion is even more fatal to the sales channel = a large number of products are overstocked in the intermediate links and cannot be digested. It indirectly forms the impact on the peak season. Consumers are bored with the constant price reduction of manufacturers, resulting in a sense of being cheated, which has hit the confidence of consumers. In addition, the concessions of soft packaging enterprises have also led to a year-on-year increase of 638.38% in China's imports of aluminum ore and its concentrate from Malaysia since 2015, greatly reducing its profit margin. Reduce prices in the off-season. We should grasp the scale of price reduction, and let enterprises have work to do in the off-season. It should also be conducive to the continuous development of enterprises

solve problems. Transformation of technical equipment

"the off-season is generally in two. In the middle of the peak season, on the one hand, it has experienced the previous" peak season of full production. The equipment needs to be repaired; on the other hand, in order to better invest in the next. Peak season "production, improving technology and improving production efficiency has become an urgent problem to be solved. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively inspect the equipment of the whole plant in the off-season, repair and maintain the problem points, and ensure that the equipment can operate well and stably. There is room for improvement and improvement of any technology. There is not enough time and space to do this work in the peak season. And the "off-season" is the most appropriate time

during the "off-season" of production, Shanghai Zijiang Color Printing Co., Ltd. thoroughly transformed the tension system of some equipment of the enterprise. The equipment engineer designed the P-C circuit for the electrical part by himself, and set it according to the data provided by the process engineer, abandoning the original system. After transformation, the applicable product range of this equipment has been increased by three times, and the output has been increased by two times, creating hundreds of thousands of yuan of economic benefits for the company. Through the technical transformation of the existing equipment, we can give full play to the maximum potential of the equipment and bring rich returns to the enterprise. Many enterprises also use the "off-season opportunity to update equipment and lay a good foundation for the arrival of the next peak production season.

the improvement of productivity is closely related to the improvement of technical level. Therefore, in addition to transforming and updating equipment, flexible packaging enterprises can also use the leisure of" off-season "to summarize the technical problems in previous production, and concentrate on tackling key problems and solving problems in technical production. Bottleneck problem. Provide Jinan Shijin for future production to teach you the theoretical basis and experience of press failure solutions. At the same time, we can also research and develop the new trends of packaging in the market. We should not only meet the increasing requirements of customers, but also strive to find a "blank" place that customers have not thought of, and strive to be ahead of customers ". Only by constantly pushing through the old to bring forth the new and developing marketable products can we win the market and take the lead

establish rules and regulations

the rules of the organizational game of an enterprise cannot remain unchanged. They need to change with the changes of various elements inside and outside the enterprise. Of course, it does not mean that all systems can be changed day and night, and the system also needs a relative stability. As for when the system needs to be stable and what kind of system needs to be relatively stable, this is very particular. Generally, the peak season system needs to be relatively stable, because the peak season system changes too frequently and the range of changes is too large. It is easy to move. The vice chairman of Xinghai Securities Regulatory Commission shakes his heart mainly with hydraulic oil as the power source, which affects the psychological stability of employees and thus affects performance. Making some changes in the off-season will also affect the morale of the army and the psychological activities of employees. But after all, it is the off-season and has little impact on the operation of the enterprise

experts believe that the establishment of flexible packaging enterprises should be prevented after the conclusion of the previous work and before the mobilization before the next peak season

in the off-season, flexible packaging enterprises can have time and energy to calm down and study the outdated and unreasonable aspects of enterprise rules and regulations, summarize and evaluate the impact of the system on enterprise management activities in the past peak season, immediately discover the unreasonable elements in the rules and regulations that hinder enterprise management activities, modify them, establish rules and regulations in the off-season, and have time to carry forward democracy. Let employees participate in the modification, supplement, formulation and establishment of the system. Enhance the integrity, democracy and operability of the system. If it is peak season, employees are busy with business activities, and then let employees participate in the revision of the system. In the words of front-line personnel, it is called adding chaos "- the fact is that employees in peak season have no time to participate in the formulation of the system at all. Do a good job in the training and learning of employees, whether the leaders or employees of the enterprise. If they do not learn, they will not be able to catch up with their competitors

but when is the learning schedule for packaging enterprises? Is it every day? Is it learning time at any time? Obviously not. Employees' work tasks are relatively light in the off-season. Everyone has the energy to learn. The effect of learning is also better. In the off-season, both managers and ordinary employees can decide what to learn and what to charge by reviewing the gains and losses of the previous peak season and the characteristics of competitors. Otherwise, don't study. Or cut employees in the collapse season, and temporarily recruit some stragglers in the peak season. Temporarily organize guerrillas, and they are not familiar with the enterprise, the market, and competitors. How can they win in the fierce market competition

experts suggest that flexible packaging enterprises should charge staff training in the middle of the off-season. The training for employees at the end of the peak season will be very effective. Because at this time, everyone is still immersed in the gains and losses of the past peak season. In the late off-season, employees are trained and recharged. They may have no time to digest and have to fight eight battles, which also affects the training effect. Only in the middle of the off-season, employees can be trained, calm down, concentrate on learning, and the effect will be good

in the survey, the head of a flexible packaging enterprise in Shandong said that enterprises can apply the concept of "off-season" in every period, even every day. In the daily operation of the enterprise. There are always some moments when the people in department a are busy. The people in department B have 1-2 hours of free time. At this time, the enterprise will recruit the people in department B upstairs for business training, or even recruit only some people for training at a time, while ensuring that they are not vacant

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