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Analysis on the misunderstanding of newspaper layout packaging

since the 1990s, great changes have taken place in China's newspaper layout, forming many style schools. However, the dazzling new faces also make many newspapers blindly follow, and fall into the misunderstanding of "packaging" because they pay too much attention to the beauty of form

Since the new era, China's newspaper layout design has been constantly innovated, especially the use of computer typesetting and Laser Phototypesetting Technology, which has made the newspaper layout a three-dimensional effect. The newspaper layout has been competing for beauty for a time, giving readers a new feeling. However, some newspaper pages have overcorrected, one-sided pursuit of formal beauty, form for form, beauty for beauty, ignoring the relationship between page content and form

content determines form is the basic principle of layout. What should be dealt with strongly and what should be dealt with weakly in the layout must be further improved according to the manufacturing technology level and overall strength of the manuscript, such as the value of talent and capital problems. However, some pages now ignore this evaluation function of the page, and even make the content obey the form, completely reversing the relationship between content and form. The direct result of this practice of emphasizing form over content is the decline in the quality of newspaper information. Increasing white space is a common practice of modern layout. Proper use can make the layout appear sparse, clear and generous, but improper use will also cause a waste of layout resources

unstable style

the formation of layout style is one of the most basic characteristics of first-class newspapers. At present, some newspaper pages have the problem of unstable style. This is reflected in the lack of clear and stable style positioning of layout design, which is easily disturbed by market factors. For example, after the successful launch of the new format of Beijing Youth Daily, many newspapers blindly copied it without considering their own nature and characteristics; Some organ newspapers imitate the layout of the city newspaper, which looks nondescript; Some newspaper formats are solemn today and spicy tomorrow, sometimes traditional and sometimes trendy, leaving readers confused. On the other hand, the style of each page of a newspaper is not unified. After the newspaper is thickened, some newspapers run their own pages, which cannot form the overall layout style of the newspaper. This is the expression of the impetuous psychology of the page, and it is also the expression of the immaturity of the newspaper

there is a "foam page"

some newspapers blindly pursue sensory stimulation, and a large number of seemingly novel but actually empty things are published on the page, which can be called "foam page". For example, on the pages of some entertainment and service newspapers, there are a large number of star photos and model photos, and beauties, handsome men and cartoons have "appeared" one after another. Some of them do not contain much information in themselves, and they are exaggerated just because they are good-looking, while others are accompanied by exaggerated titles. Some special pages publish pictures that have nothing to do with the content, but only for decoration. In addition to satisfying the visual "pleasing" of a few readers, this kind of layout hardly conveys any valuable information

without "rules", there is no "radius"

in today's increasingly fierce competition in the newspaper industry, newspapers should combine their own characteristics, study the psychology of the audience, find the best combination of the content and form of the newspaper, and set "rules" for a good layout, which is of great significance to win the market

clarify the standard of good layout

the Chinese Journalists Association has put forward a general standard for newspaper layout. According to this standard, good layout can be concretely divided into the following five items: first, strong political nature: major arrangements are appropriate; The arrangement of heavy manuscripts conforms to the identity, status and nature of the newspaper; Clear thinking and correct layout guidance. 2、 Strong: yesterday (); Within 3 days at least; Large amount of information. 3、 The title and content are arranged properly: the content of the title is consistent with that of the text; The trend of the essay conforms to the reading habits; The positions of the questions and texts should take care of each other; The proportion of the topic area is appropriate. 4、 Pay equal attention to photos and words: photos have considerable sex; The photo location is relatively prominent and appropriate; Photos (including charts) are closely related to words and complement each other. 5、 The overall layout of the newspaper is innovative, which better reflects the unique style of the newspaper; There are innovations in one place, several places and even the overall layout; The overall arrangement is aesthetic. Looking at the award-winning pages of the China awards, we can say that this standard is well reflected, that is, on the basis of absorbing the essence of the traditional layout, drawing lessons from the layout style of foreign newspapers, and cooperating with some related arts, a layout form that conforms to the modern aesthetic taste is created

"content is king"

in the final analysis, the competition in the newspaper industry is "content is king". The format of Wall Street in the United States has remained unchanged for decades, even without color printing for a long time, and the front page does not enlarge the photos, but this has not affected its authoritative position. Therefore, we must not just focus on "packaging" and ignore the innovation of content. In China, "Reference News" and "Xinmin Evening News" have remained unchanged for decades, and still have a large number of readers who love them. The reason is also due to their unique content

research because most springs are the main components used in machinery and vehicles, we should do something and not do something. Every media wants to attract the maximum attention of the audience, so it often consciously or unconsciously adopts a communication mode with high-intensity stimulation. This can indeed attract the attention of the audience in the short term, but the long-term, excessive stimulation and fancy make people dizzy, produce a rebellious psychology, and eventually lose readers. Therefore, the media should not only understand and master the audience's psychology, but also cater to vulgar tastes. Only by doing something and not doing something, can they adhere to the style of a newspaper and truly attract their own readers for a long time

old, new

in the new era, the newspaper layout boldly breaks the traditional rules, showing a gratifying situation in which a hundred flowers bloom. But on the other hand, because the old layout rules have been broken and the new ones have not yet been established, many newspaper layout designs are free from taboos and act arbitrarily, and layout design presents a disordered state. Therefore, it is necessary to establish new layout norms as soon as possible. In this regard, Yangcheng Evening News and other media have taken a gratifying step. Summarizing the experience of layout in recent years, the newspaper has formulated a relatively complete "Regulations on page composition" for the first time, which clearly and carefully defines the pages of different contents from the basic principles of page composition, column division, font size, font size, line number, line type, color, topic size, picture size, blank space, broken columns and other aspects

with the development and progress of the times, the layout of newspaper layout should continue to explore a form that is more suitable for table extruder enterprises, and the order will be greatly recovered to reach the content. In the process of newspaper layout from traditional to modern, newspaper layout should carefully study the law of layout work, be good at absorbing the essence of traditional newspaper layout art, make up for some deficiencies of current newspaper layout, innovate in inheritance, develop in innovation, and make the newspaper layout more charming

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