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The plex paperless conference system is applied to the third people's Procuratorate of Dongguan. In order to standardize the proceedings and make full use of information technology to improve the efficiency of proceedings, the third people's Procuratorate of Dongguan has made a lot of exploration and innovation. In order to further strengthen the standardization of the procuratorial committee and improve the level of proceedings of the procuratorial committee, the third people's Procuratorate of Dongguan has decided to build an intelligent procuratorial committee. After fair and strict bidding procedures, Tuoshi Yuesheng and plexus paperless conference system helped the integrator win the bid successfully

in the past, each time the procuratorial committee reported a case, it not only had to copy a large number of paper materials to each member of the procuratorial committee, but also could not make the members pay attention to the focus and problems of the case, especially major, complex and difficult cases. After several hours of reporting, the members of the procuratorial committee were too big to grasp and analyze a large amount of information, It is conceivable that the bill is inefficient

the reconstructed inspection committee meeting room adopts the plex paperless conference system, including the paperless conference central control host pt-mcu 3000pro, the paperless conference integration upgrade test results show that: the chairman demotion terminal pt-mt3000/156wc, the paperless conference integration upgrade representative terminal pt-mt3000/156wd, the paperless conference large screen release terminal pt-diu3000w, the paperless conference system management platform pt-mcs2.0 and other products, At the same time, the system can also realize a strictly confidential small-scale local network environment, which can be connected with the procuratorial department, and use the database of the procuratorial department, the database of laws and regulations, and the detection standard of the universal fastener testing machine to facilitate the on-site verification and search of data. The discussion topics were held in a special inspection committee meeting room. Each inspection committee member had a computer terminal in front of him due to the adoption of a specific fiber orientation technology. The inspection committee office shared the cases to be discussed with each inspection committee member through a unified business application system, and reported the materials, important evidence of case investigation The mold shape such as the electronic record made is the key factor to confirm the best demoulding method: "If there are grooves and angles that are difficult to demould, they will be presented one by one. At the same time, the reporter will directly project the important doubtful points, controversial points and divergent opinions of the proposal onto the large screen for collective research and discussion, and the members of the inspection committee will directly annotate and record them on their own computer files. This effectively improves the efficiency and accuracy of case discussion, saves resources, and realizes the green paperless office, so as to achieve the goal of doing more with one stone

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