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Cosmetic packaging trends (III)

beautifully decorated tubular packaging products are easy to attract attention

freehold resources in New Jersey mainly provides packaging customers with contact services with global suppliers. Mr. Kelly Barry, manager of the company's market research department, acknowledged that Asia does have potential threats and competitiveness. However, he also believes that foreign enterprises that want to expand their tubular packaging market can only have a set of standards referred to by American suppliers. Mr. Barry has more than 20 years of working experience in the U.S. tubular packaging industry. He pointed out that Europe's innovation tendency towards packaging has a positive role in promoting its business. Almost all tubular packaging production equipment, from design, development to manufacturing, European tubular packaging enterprises attach great importance to it. They listen to customers' opinions and work closely with equipment manufacturers, making them well deserved to be the pioneers of the industry. However, Asian suppliers have different business requirements. Mr. Barry continued: "Asian tubular packaging suppliers have strong imitation ability in developing products. They are eager to become a global supplier and meet customer requirements as much as possible."

in terms of aluminum tubes, there are great price pressures from South America, Europe and Asia. For this reason, Mr. Barry suggested that domestic suppliers should control the cost by reducing the scrap rate and increasing the output, fulfill the promised delivery conditions, provide customers with the best service, produce more economically, plan better, and establish better cooperative relations with overseas competitors

for the American plastic pipe packaging industry, the main impact comes from the price pressure in Asia. Mr. Barry's suggestions to domestic suppliers are: try to shorten the delivery time, limit the cost, and improve the service level for smaller customers while focusing on major customers. In fact, the hose packaging suppliers in the United States have greater production capacity than the customers' requirements. Therefore, Mr. Barry speculates that enterprises with a wide processing range are easier to attract customers

according to Mr. Barry, Asia provides lower costs for customers of tubular packaging. In the production of extruded tubular packaging, the delivery time in Asia is often shorter than that in the United States. However, they do not pay much attention to innovation, but rather pursue customer satisfaction. Pharmaceutical cosmetics packaging takes the lead

with the rapid development of the medical cosmetics market, the unique medical cosmetics packaging market will become more and more popular. According to the prediction of Freedonia group, which is located in Cleveland, Ohio, the demand of pharmaceutical packaging products market will increase at an annual rate of 11%. By 2008, the sales of manufacturers alone will reach 7billion US dollars

pharmaceutical packaging is the hottest term in the beauty industry today. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines this as: cosmetics with medicinal value in the cosmetics industry are called medicinal cosmetics. However, in the FDA regulations, pharmaceutical cosmetics cannot be used as drugs. FDA interprets this as, "In the regulations for the administration of food, drugs and cosmetics, drugs are defined as the measurement principle of the shore hardness tester: products that can cure, treat, alleviate or prevent human functional diseases. Drugs must be approved by the FDA before sale, while cosmetics do not. The FDA believes that if a product has the characteristics of drugs, it must be recognized as drugs.

there is no doubt that whether it is color makeup, skin care Both personal health care and anti-aging products hope to have the characteristics of medicinal cosmetics. For example, some enterprise developers, dermatologists or people with scientific research background are willing to classify these brands as "medicinal cosmetics" after developing skin care products that can resist skin aging and maintain youth

in January, 2005, packaged facts and market research published an article on the market survey of pharmaceutical cosmetics in the United States. The article shows that the annual sales of skin care, hair care and other medicinal cosmetics in the United States can reach US $12.4 billion

mr. Port Washington of NPD beauty, a subsidiary of NPD group, said: "with the popularization of spa fragrance and Makeup Art Salon, pharmaceutical cosmetics have developed rapidly. In 2001, the market share of these pharmaceutical brands was only 7%, while in 2004, these brands have accounted for 18% of the whole skin care market. Pharmaceutical cosmetics are rapidly opening up the market. Compared with 2003, the growth rate of this market reached 92%." 。

Freedonia group, located in Cleveland, Ohio, estimates that the demand for pharmaceutical packaging products will increase at an annual rate of 11%. By 2008, the sales of manufacturers alone will reach 7billion US dollars. With the launch of more new anti-aging products and the continuous emergence of new products that can maintain youth, the pharmaceutical cosmetics market will have greater growth space. In November2004, Freedonia published an article entitled "pharmaceutical cosmetics market to 2008". They believe that skin care products will account for 60% of the total cosmetics market in 2008, and more than half of the skin care products will be those. 2. From the test of plastic tensile testing machine, we can see some anti-aging medicinal cosmetics. Especially those products with medical background grow faster, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 16%

in 1955, Dr. rudolfhauschka established Wala company in eckwalden and bad ball, Germany, and launched skin care products named after Dr. Hauschka. In 2005, Dr. Hao skin care products has become a top brand in the pharmaceutical cosmetics industry. This brand is committed to using natural elements to create healthy and natural skin care products. In the United States, Dr. Hao's skin care products are mainly sold through some tebayer supplementary color stores (such as beauty salons and Spa halls)

"medicinal cosmetics" has aroused great interest of Mr. Sebastian parson, CEO of Dr. Hao company in the UK. He mentioned: "pharmaceutical cosmetics are an emerging market, and consumers are quite cautious about this product, because this market has not been accurately defined and lacks a sound market supervision mechanism." According to Mr. parson, the packaging of various skin care products under Dr. Hao is coordinated and unified. "Our products can be divided into products suitable for the face, whole body or hair. In addition, our products are based on rigorous medical research, which is the main feature that distinguishes us from many other products," he said

in Dr. Hao's product packaging, in order to obtain a pure and eye-catching impression, white was selected as the main color. Mr. parson explained: "we like the feeling of freshness, purity and nature, which just reflects the natural nature of Dr. Hao's skin care products." In order to ensure the natural characteristics of Dr. Hao's skin care products, Mr. parson also mentioned that their products are packed in glass bottles and filled in sterile factories. The product is placed under the environmental specification called "rhythmic", and the product is sterilized very strictly at present. Mr. parson stressed: "glass is a very stable material, which basically does not react with skin care products. Canning the products under sterile conditions greatly ensures the purity and safety of the products."

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